WOW Air’s Canada Launch Could Spark Trans Atlantic Fare War

WOW Air CEO Skúli Mogenson says fares are too high on Canada-Europe routes and believes his LCC can bring them down significantly. Observers see a fare war in the offing, as capacity was up this year and will increase again with new WS flights to LGW in 2016. FinancialPost

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virtual presentation 21.09.15

Celebrity Air Inclusive Cruise Vacations

Presented by Ken Brooks, Director of Sales
Celebrity Cruises Air Inclusive Cruise Vacations
Selling 1st Time Cruisers Is Now A Package Deal! Video presentation with Ken Brooks, Director of to watch

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Newest Tourist Board Is Out Of This World

ArrivalGuides, an online distributor of destination content, has announced its newest profiled destination - and it’s out of this world. The company says the Mars Tourist Board has signed up as the latest destination wishing to attract millions of travellers to its rocky shores. on


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Lucrative Business or Endless Work?
We'd Like To Hear From You

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Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Do Love A Good Do
So I put on my best rubber reinforced thong and make the rounds: a cocktailly product launch, a training academy, a few mix & mingles -- and lo and behold, dahrlings, they are chock-a-block with travel agents. on

on the town 02.10.15

G Adventures Celebrates New Partnership & Fundraising Festivities

with Caroline Booth
G Adventures is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and marked the occasion earlier this week in grand style with a grand fundraising event and some very grand announcements. The Fermenting Cellar in Toronto’s Distillery District proved to be the ideal setting for the festive night market themed on

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Savouring A Short Ponant Expedition

by Vanessa Lee
A welcoming committee of playful seals and 2 Blue Whales hailed our arrival in San Francisco and the iconic Golden Gate bridge appeared off our bow as our French Ponant yacht, Le Boreal drew closer to her maiden call on this notable on

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Soul-Searching Comes To Travel

Arnie Weissmann, Travel Weekly
Tourism frequently touches on the human conflict between the desire to help the less fortunate and the urge to enjoy the bounty that comes with disposable income. Consumers have introduced soul-searching into travel planning as never before. They still want to travel, but want to incorporate a socially important dimension into their on

biting questions 21.09.15

Biting Questions with Kathy Wilton, Vision Travel, Kelowna B.C.

If you could bottle enthusiasm and sell it, Kathy Wilton would have a whole new career. Not that she’d ever stop being, as she calls it, a Travel Designer. She’s having too much fun! on

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Cruising & Groups: Happy Clients, Happy Agents

by Ming Tappin
At a cruise training session earlier this year, a statistic was mentioned that the most successful agencies book 50-80% of their cruise business in groups. How much group business currently makes up your cruise portfolio?