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Carnival Beats Expectations, Europe Holds Up

Amidst a tumultuous business climate Carnival Corp. reported its best ever quarterly result driven by higher ticket prices and lower fuel costs. The company says it’s on track to boost earnings by 25% this year. Open JawFull news listing

on the town 27.09.16

TDC Feels The Force

Nina Slawek
A force awoke within me at approximately 6:45pm on Saturday evening. The spectacle of light sabres of all shapes and sizes, some retractable some displaying a light show any 1976 disco would have been proud of on

ivanna gabbalot 27.09.16

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

A Celebrity Worth Celebrating
Talk about creating waves, Pumpkins. Going against the tide. Making a splash. Wading into hot waters. on


Tina The Travel Agent

More Cartoons

deviations 27.09.16

Seatmates From Hell: From The Morbidly Obese To A Creepy Doll

Which is worse? Being seated next to someone so big that they spill into your seat or being assigned to a seat next to a creepy doll owned by a middle-aged man who purchased a ticket for his ‘companion.’ on

periscope 22.09.16

The Reason Travel Agents Fail

Dan Chappelle, Travel Research Online
Contrary to popular belief, the reason many travel agents fail is not due a lack of product knowledge, planning or marketing. In fact, we tend to be pretty good at all 3. No, the reason many agents fail is so obvious, it is often on

learn-o-matic 12.09.16

MSC Cruises: The World's Fastest Growing Cruise Line

with Mary Anne LaChance, BDM MSC Cruises
Do the quiz and you could win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2! to watch

cruise feature 14.09.16

Selling The Balcony Stateroom - Which Approach Do You Take?

by Ming Tappin
Congratulations, your clients are booking their 1st cruise. From your expert guidance, they've chosen the perfect itinerary and ship.

vanessa's views 15.09.16

It’s Important To Remember And Reflect

by Vanessa Lee
I am a lover of words and especially meaningful quotations which I collect and file away for future on

on the town 23.09.16

Vienna: An Imperial Luncheon Guest

with Nina Slawek
When you think of Vienna, what comes to mind? Great coffee. And cake! Great opera. Museums. Mozart. And of course, Balls (with a capital b)! on

biting questions 20.09.16

Biting Questions with Kim Clarke, Director of Sales, Globus family of brands

No wonder travel’s in her blood. The parents of this fun-loving Globus family of brands exec. ran a travel agency. on