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Open Jaw’s Canada Day Series:

Featuring Engaging Aussie Carre Le Page

He's a long way from home: Carre Le Page, Flight Centre's marketing, web and artworks leader, may have been here only 3 years, but he already feels at home thanks to the many connections between us and his home country: Australia. Open Jaw

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vanessa's views 19.06.15

Don't Miss The Boat!
Selling Small Ship Cruising Is Well Worth It

by Vanessa Lee
I have received a lot of interest about my article on my recent sailing aboard Wind Surf, Windstar's 310 guest sailing vessel which is one of my all-time favourite ships. So I thought I would expand a little about the onboard dining experience and why so many industry folk really do love small-ship cruising but aren't selling these special experiences to their on

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Do-Gooder Travel
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cruise feature 18.06.15

Keeping Fit At Sea Is A Worthy Challenge

by Ming Tappin
Have you heard the statistic that weight gain on a cruise is about a pound a day? Or the joke about people who board ships as passengers but disembark as cargo? All kidding aside, with all the available food and desserts tempting you 24/7, weight gain is a serious reality for most cruisers.

ivanna gabbalot 02.07.15

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Prank Calls Are For Kids
My neighbour's kids keep calling me to ask if my fridge is running. I always fall for it, Pumpkins. Mostly because I hate warm vodka. on

on the town 29.06.15

Singapore Soars Into Its 50th Year

with B.A.
For a tiny island nation, Singapore has built itself an impressive reputation for doing things right including having an economically viable marketplace and garnering top awards for its national carrier and its international on

insights 03.07.15

Subtle Changes In The Cruise Industry: Are They Worried?

John Frenaye, Travel Research Online
At all-inclusive resorts, guests leave with a zero balance on their bill. On most cruises, pax receive a long list of charges – for 100s or even 1000s of dollars. That may be changing, as the cruise biz appears to be taking steps to remain relevant and on

deviation 03.07.15

The World’s Stingiest Airport Sandwich

Pax know they’re going to pay more for food at an airport. In fact, $6.25 doesn’t seem out of line for a bacon and egg sandwich -- until you see the sandwich. Open Jaw on

biting questions 16.06.15

Biting Questions with Brett Walker, General Manager Collette Vacations, Toronto

Perhaps it was meant to be. Growing up near Niagra Falls- one of North America's top attractions- was Brett's first but not last exposure to tourism. on