Half Of Travel Managers To Cut LH Bookings

A new poll of GBTA members shows 50% of travel buyers who currently include LH as a preferred supplier in their travel program plan to decrease spending once the $23.50 fee takes effect. Open Jaw

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virtual presentation 20.08.15

Crystal Cruises' Latest Innovations

with Carmen Roig
The World’s Most Awarded Cruise Line Just Got Better!
Join Carmen Roig, Senior V.P. Marketing & Sales, to learn about Crystal’s latest innovations.
Watch the training, do the quiz,
and you could win 1 of 6 $100 Gift Cards!...click to watch

vanessa's views 20.08.15

All-Inclusive Cruising Is A Win-Win For You & Your Clients

by Vanessa Lee
I am an unabashed fan of all-inclusive cruising and enjoy the onboard experience it offers regardless of the size of ship. It just makes life so much easier and the seamless feel is actually an enhancement to the camaraderie and social aspects of cruising....read on


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Cuban Crush
Is there a rush to go?
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cruise feature 19.08.15

Superior Service Wins Hearts & Wallets

by Ming Tappin
As I decided to write about customer service in this week's column, I thought I'd begin with a short synopsis of my recent retail experience.

insights 28.08.15

Sell Them What They Need

Anita Pagliasso, Travel Research Online
Our products have a plethora of features. Success lies in highlighting the ones that our customers are looking for. It’s called needs-based selling and it’s a 3-step process: understanding every nuance of your product; listening to what your customers want; and matching the features of the product to their needs....read on

deviation 28.08.15

Gay Pride? Not In Venice, Says New Mayor

The mayor of Venice, who this month had a public spat with British rock star Elton John over family values, says there will never be a Gay Pride parade in the city while he is in charge. ...read on

biting questions 19.08.15

Biting Questions With Steve Goodfellow Director of Sales, Eastern Canada, Air Canada

Who would give up a life of chocolate for the challenges of modern air travel? Steve Goodfellow would! We meet one of AC’s execs who ponders his new career of airports and acronyms. ...read on