For Shawn Ashton, Sports Travel Is A Home Run

The Leafs, Raptors and Marlies are just 3 of the 900 sports teams provided with travel services by Bolton-based Sportscorp. President Shawn Ashton says 24 hr. service by a team of 5 is key to the Uniglobe-affiliated agency’s success. Open Jaw

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virtual fam 24.11.15

Air Canada Is Sky High Over Dubai!

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Join Nina Slawek & host Duncan Bureau on a whirlwind tour of Dubai, courtesy of Air Canada Vacations.
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The 12 Worst Things To Say To A Flight Attendant

Sydney Pearl is the author of Diary of a Pissed-Off Flight Attendant and as the title suggests, Pearl is blunt about pax behaviour towards her profession. Those wishing to stay on the right side of Pearl would do well to avoid using any of the following opening lines. on


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Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Et Tu WestJet?
According to our American cousins at ASTA, WestJet has relocated to the U.K., Pumpkins. They reported it today in their aptly named ‘SmartBrief’ and I quote “Low-cost British carrier WestJet will eliminate its seat-back entertainment systems for flights longer than three hours and 20 minutes.” Does Greg know? on

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The Caribbean By The Numbers

With Martha Chapman
There’s no doubt your clients love those Caribbean statistics: dozens of cruise itineraries. Hundreds of all-inclusive resorts. Temperatures in the high 20s. And zero chance of on

vanessa's views 27.11.15

Anthem Of The Seas: A Truly Smart Ship
From dining to entertainment & art, RCI is at the top of their game

by Vanessa Lee
I recently sailed on a short voyage of Royal Caribbean’s absolutely splendid new, Anthem of the Seas. I knew what to expect as she is almost a virtual twin to Quantum of the Seas which made her debut in November 2014 before heading to China. The good news on Anthem, according to a great Royal tag line, is that she is “Anchored in America” and, for the foreseeable future, will cruise out of Cape Liberty on various Caribbean on

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Keep Calm & Ask A Travel Agent

Susan Schaefer, Travel Research Online
“Is it safe to travel?” Sometimes it is hard to deal with our clients’ fears. But as travel professionals, we have no choice; we have to be proactive as well as responsive. We have to anticipate the inevitable questions and choose our words on

biting questions 17.11.15

Kate Neufeld, Team Leader, Flight Centre Appleby Crossing, Burlington

Since a 1st (unfortunate, unforgettable) inflight experience, this southern Ontario agent tells us that she left her heart in Southeast Asia. on

cruise feature 25.11.15

Facing The Reality Of Onboard Spending

by Ming Tappin
CLIA released a staggering statistic which was mentioned in a related article published on Open Jaw: the average cruiser pays about $1,000 in extra charges by the time he gets off the ship. While everyone has individual spending habits, it is a given that there will be at least several hundred dollars on the folio statement that is surreptitiously slipped under the door in the wee hours of the last morning. The usual line items? Excursions, souvenirs, spa treatments, alcohol, specialty dining, sodas, dutyfree, etc.