Mexico Downplays Zika’s Threat To Tourists

Mexican health officials called a meeting of Canadian and U.S. tour operators to assure them that the mosquito-borne Zika virus does not pose a threat to tourists. They say they are prepared to contain the virus and current cases are in rural areas away from popular resort destinations. Open Jaw

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travel blog 02.02.16

The Secrets To All-Inclusive Success In Akumal

If the secret to running a great company is hiring great people, my recent experiences with AMResorts go a long way towards explaining that company’s explosive growth. on

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Hungry Sea Lion Takes A Booth At San Diego Restaurant

A skinny sea lion pup followed its rumbling stomach to a fancy San Diego restaurant, where it slipped into a booth and made itself comfortable. on

on the town 04.02.16

Charts, Puzzles & A Tape Measure: A New Way To Upsell To Luxury Cruises

with Ming Tappin
Oceania Cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises & Regent Seven Seas hosted close to 70 travel partners last week at Vancouver's Marine Drive Golf Club for breakfast and their product on

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Air Canada Premium Economy Class Demo
WIN 2 tickets in Premium Economy Class

WIN 2 tickets in Premium Economy Class
Clients want to be pampered! Watch a demonstration of Premium Economy Class service along with a clickable interactive to watch


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Loonie Tunes
Low dollar losing sales?
We'd Like To Hear From You

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Selling Your Agency? 6 Ways To Kill The Deal

Bob Sweeney, Travel Research Online
As baby boomers hit their mid-60s, the rate of agency acquisitions is accelerating. Selling an agency can be difficult and dangerous. Here are the top 6 reasons why some deals go on

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Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Doesn’t Anyone Care If I Get My Slice Of Paradise?
What on earth is going on with the way some heavily starred resorts are treating our unsuspecting sun seeking flabby white clients, Pumpkins? on

biting questions 02.02.16

Biting Questions with Dan Prior, Sales Manager Ontario & Atlantic Canada, Transat Tours

Since getting his feet wet in the kids’ activity program on a cruise ship, it’s clear this action man loves the travel industry! on

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Save Or Splurge Part 2

Points To Ponder When Booking A Cruise
Let's carry on with our topic of spending or economizing on various aspects of a cruise vacation.

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Cruise Industry Is Alive & Well
Major investments in ships are a healthy sign

by Vanessa Lee
I am in a pickle – so much to write about, so many comments to make and so little space to express my respect, congratulations, my disbelief and delight and what is going on this week - plus so much more! There is so much happening in the cruise biz right now that it is truly hard to keep up. If it’s Tuesday or Thursday or even Monday – there is yet another announcement coming out about changes, new ships, old ships and even slightly older ships! on