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Mexico To Spend $1 Billion To ‘Bring Back’ Acapulco

Private investors and the Mexican government plan to spend more than $1 billion over the next few years with the goal of returning Acapulco to its former glory as an “international jet-set” resort. CaribbeanNewsDigitalFull news listing

learn-o-matic 17.08.16

ACGlobe Corporate Payment Solution

with Anthony Doyle, Senior Director Global Sales Corporate Development & Operations
ACGlobe Card Simplifies Travel Payment & Expense Management


The Broadside

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virtual presentation 09.08.16

THE CRUISE REPORT by Norwegian Part 3

with Dana Gain & Ian Smyth
Topic: Cruising Vs. All-Inclusive
Watch to find out if you are the lucky winner of a cruise! to watch

deviations 25.08.16

Stupid Tourist Tricks: Vacationer Rescued 3 Times In 4 Days

You again? A young woman holidaying in the English coastal destination of Cornwall has received a “comprehensive safety briefing” after being rescued by the same lifeboat crew 3 times in 4 days last week. on

vanessa's views 19.08.16

Virtuoso Travel Week
A Great Reminder Of What An Exceptional Conference Is About

with Vanessa Lee
I have just returned from a rather hectic and intense week attending my first Virtuoso Travel Week conference in Las Vegas – on

ivanna gabbalot 18.08.16

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Pyjama Party
Remember, dahrlings, when airlines roared 'I am the fairest because of my great fares! "No, me! I have perfect seat pitch!" "But I'm much more rewarding after a long ride". And meow it went. on

on the town 26.08.16

Norwegian Sun: A Good Fit For 1st Time Cruisers

with Ming Tappin
Ramon Jacinto - Western Canada's BDM for Norwegian Cruise Line - hosted 43 agents and clients onboard the Norwegian Sun in Vancouver this week for a tour and on

cruise feature 19.08.16

There’s A Cruise For That!

Building Cruise Business Through Affinity Cruise Groups
In my last column, we looked at building cruise business through expedition cruises, this week let's look at another area that has huge potential - affinity cruises. Affinity cruises have been around for decades - you know them as themed cruises.

periscope 24.08.16

Be Careful When You Come Back

David Cogswell, TravelPulse
For years we’ve seen travel advisories telling us of the dangers lurking abroad. Sometimes we even see “worldwide travel alerts” warning us no matter where we are. I’m sorry, but I’ve just had it with that whole way of thinking. Things have reached the reductio ad absurdum, the point at which the whole system of logic falls in on on

biting questions 23.08.16

Biting Questions With Suzanne Fleming, Business Solutions Manager - Eastern Canada,

This seasoned industry exec loves the outdoors – and her new “family” of over 300 travel agencies! From the thrills of Whistler to the retail challenges of today, meet’s Suzanne Fleming. on