newsroom 29.05.17

BA & IB To Impose $14 GDS Booking Fee

After nearly 2 years, another airline group, BA & IB parent IAG, has followed LH in slapping a fee on GDS bookings as of 01NOV. Skift

virtual fam 26.05.17

Discover First Hand What Excellence Stands For!

Excellence El Carmen Virtual Fam & Contest
Join Nina Slawek for a virtual tour of Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana. You could win a 1 week stay! to watch

the pink couch 25.05.17

Cruise Factor

A review of Kristin Karst’s namesake, the AmaKristina, through the eyes of fellow river cruising Godmother, Vanessa to watch

cartoon 29.05.17

The Broadside

More Cartoons

biting questions 23.05.17

with Gerry Koolhof, Cruise and Vacation Specialist, New Wave Travel, Toronto

Here’s a guy who’s come a long way from being a farm boy – he now sells (and enjoys) some of the most luxurious travel experiences in the world. on

deviations 29.05.17

Wascally Wabbits Cause NZ Flight To Abort Take-Off – Twice

An Air New Zealand flight slammed on the brakes and aborted take-off after crew spotted a rabbit on the runway. on

cruise feature 17.05.17

An Exclusive Look At The New Seabourn Encore

by Vanessa Lee
Vanessa Lee provides a first hand review of the new Seabourn Encore -- calling it both "luscious and amazingly lyrical".

vanessa's views 26.05.17

Ship Review: Seabourn Encore
A Masterpiece Of Luxe Design

with Vanessa Lee
It has always been a pleasure to embark on a Seabourn voyage on any of their ships – but the Seabourn Encore is the best of the on

virtual presentation 02.05.17

Transat Super Early Booking Promotion

with Nicole Bursey, Commercial Director, Transat
Nicole Bursey outlines the highlights of Transat's Super Early Booking Promotion! Lots of incredible incentives to get you booking! to watch

ivanna gabbalot 02.05.17

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Have A Dream
Gregg Saretsky must have a Boeing sized intersection this morning. on

on the town 24.05.17

Why Visit Houston?

by Caroline Booth
During a recent breakfast gathering hosted by Visit Houston and Air Canada, agents were given plenty of reasons why they should be selling Houston as a leisure on