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Suppliers Dish On Why Agents Matter

It’s Travel Agent Day and suppliers are professing their love for agents with special offers and contests. But, the hard reality is that the relationship between agents and suppliers is a business one – and love doesn’t really come into it. Suppliers are increasingly respectful of a resurgent channel, and that’s what really matters. Open JawFull news listing

ivanna gabbalot 04.05.16

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

It's Pumpkin Day!
Dear pumpkins, I feel humbled on this day of days. May 4th is Travel Agent Day and as Trump says 'we will celebrate bigly.' on


Tina The Travel Agent

deviations 04.05.16

MNL May No Longer Be World’s Worst Airport, But Future Looks Bleak

MNL has frequently been cited as the ‘Worst Airport in the World.’ Rehabilitation efforts have helped MNL shed that dubious distinction of late, but there’s no help in sight for the persistent overcrowding. on

on the town 05.05.16

ACTA-Air Canada Awards Showcase Canadian Travel Talent

with Martha Chapman
Yes, we are all supposed to show up and do our best at work. But sometimes it’s so nice to receive that extra accolade, that big pat on the on

periscope 04.05.16

Should You Specialize?

Robin Amster, TravelPulse
Today’s prevailing wisdom is that travel agents can’t be all things to all people and must specialize to survive. But it’s not a black-and-white issue. Some niches may prove far too narrow while the sell-anything model is not a recipe for success in this day and age of complexity and special on

biting questions 19.04.16

Biting Questions with Baldwin Verstraete, Verstraete Travel, Aurora & St. Catharines

Baldwin Verstraete keeps close ties with his native Holland and has sent thousands of veterans and their families back to commemorate Canada’s liberation of the country. on

virtual presentation 04.05.16

Spoil Yourself! Join spoiled agent

Supplier rates & incentives all in one place
Supplier rates & incentives all in one to watch

vanessa's views 29.04.16

Sailing In The Lap Of luxury On Silver Spirit

by Vanessa Lee
Sanary-sur-Mer is a small, picturesque Provençal village situated on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean and has been one of the ports on my Silversea cruise on their flag ship, Silver Spirit. It is also a prime example of the ability of a smaller ship (just over 500 guests) to visit such charming, local spots in the Med. Sailing from Barcelona, hugging the coastline of this most scenic area, we have also visited Sète, a small fishing town, and are now in glam Monte Carlo before sailing on to Italy and then on

cruise feature 27.04.16

Small Ship Cruising Perfect For The Solo Traveller

by Ming Tappin
Do you have clients looking to go away on their own but are wary of travelling by themselves in unfamiliar countries and have concerns about safety or are uncomfortable about meeting fellow travellers? Cruising on a small ship might just be the answer.