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deviations 19.03.18

Video Of Runaway Suitcase At ATL Goes Viral

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw
Last week, flight attendant Michael Orsini was eating lunch at on

vanessa's views 19.03.18

The Epicurean Edge
Celebrity’s Next Ship Comes In Many Flavours

by Vanessa Lee
Arriving in NOV, Celebrity Edge is one of the most talked-about and impressive ship arrivals in quite some on

ivanna gabbalot 15.03.18

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Only in Canada, you say?
I’m feeling very protectionist, these days, Pumpkins. on

on the town 15.03.18

Champagne At The North Pole, Mais Oui!

with Martha Chapman
Ponant is positioning itself as the perfect choice for the client who wants the best of French on

on the town 14.03.18

Ensemble’s ‘Extraordinary’ Event Lands In YYZ

with Kerry Sharpe
Ensemble Travel Group wrapped up its week-long national Ensemble Extraordinary tour in Toronto last on

biting questions 07.03.18

with Carine Taylor of TPI travel in Stittsville, near Ottawa

When you live in the Ottawa area, you get to know winter intimately. No wonder this Stittsville, Ont. TPI agent has no problem selling the sun! on

learn-o-matic 20.02.18

Australia's Gold Coast

Presented by Leia Marvin, Travel2
A place to rejuvenate and escape! Win a $150 Visa Gift Card! to watch

virtual presentation 09.02.18

Barceló has so much to offer! With Transat

with Dan Prior, Transat & Tammy Thompson, Barceló Hotel Group
Win a 1 week stay at the Barceló Maya Palace in Riviera Maya! to watch

cartoon 19.03.18

Tina The Travel Agent

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