virtual presentation 16.02.17

Norwegian Sky Does More Havana

with Dana Gain & Ian Smyth
Join Dana Gain & Ian Smyth as they discuss two Hot Topics: Cruising to Cuba, and Canada at Par! Watch to find out if you are the lucky winner of a cruise! to watch

virtual presentation 13.02.17

Luxury Retreats Virtual Presentation

A New Sales Opportunity For Canadian Travel Agents - This is true luxury
Join Amr Younes, V.P. Revenue Optimization, as he walks Nina Slawek through the state-of-the-art loft offices of Luxury Retreats. Win a $1000 Visa Gift Card! to watch

cartoon 16.02.17

The Broadside

More Cartoons

vanessa's views 17.02.17

Name that Tune -Siren Songs of the Sea

Vanessa Lee
That cruising siren herself, Vanessa Lee takes on airs with a lyrical tribute to the joys of setting sail on the seven on

biting questions 08.02.17

With Sue Urie Business Solutions Manager for TL Network (formerly in Western Canada.

You think you’re busy? We’ll meet a woman who works with a network of 350 travel agencies and travels six months of the year. on

deviations 17.02.17

Agent Completes Bookings With Contractions 5 Minutes Apart

For many home-based travel agents, the job is a labour of love. on

on the town 08.02.17

TL Network welcomes 2017

With Martha Chapman
The new year is starting out very well for TL Network: a new name (taking over from the old, new services to members on