RCCL Reports 26% Increase In Q2 Profit

RCCL is forecasting full year earnings will be almost 40% better than last year. Yields are better than expected but favourable currency and fuel costs were the biggest drivers of positive Q2 results. TravelWeeklyUK

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vanessa's views 09.07.15

Cuba Libre
Cruise Lines Set Sail For Cuba

by Vanessa Lee
It had to happen sooner or later and suddenly it's Cuba, Cuba, Cuba everywhere, especially this week with headlines from several cruise lines who are taking a leap of faith and setting up inaugural programs there....read on

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Why Aren't Canucks Travelling This Summer?
We'd Like To Hear From You

cruise feature 24.07.15

Don't Be Afraid To Sell Luxury Cruises

by Ming Tappin
Many travel agents have told me that one of the most common obstacles they face is selling luxury cruises. While no one has problems selling a 7-night mass market cruise at $999, many are unsure they can sell a 7night luxury cruise at $4,999.

ivanna gabbalot 30.07.15

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Maybe There’s Something To All This Dreary Data
In the time it takes for a corporate air travel RFP to grind its way through the machine, a human life can be conceived (34 seconds), gestated (40 weeks) and delivered! That’s way too freakin’ long pumpkins. But, that’s what the CWT Solutions Group says a corporate air deal takes to process - 9 months or more. Holy paper-pushing Pumpkins! ...read on

on the town 31.07.15

Open Jaw Test Drives The New YTZ Tunnel

with Martha Chapman
It’s been a long time coming – and $83 million in the making. The tunnel joining Toronto “mainland” with Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island (YTZ) has been unveiled at last....read on

insights 04.08.15

Agent, Respect Thyself

Charlie Funk, Travel Weekly
So much of life is about respect and professional travel consulting is not a place for an easily bruised ego. It is a place where those who are successful of necessity have substantial egos....read on

deviation 04.08.15

Stressed? Don’t Take A Vacation

A recent study of vacationers reveals that people really do need a vacation after their vacation. Many people claim they don’t come home relaxed at all because of worries such as overspending, missing a flight and not being insured. ...read on

biting questions 04.08.15

Biting Questions with Syndi Prokopich, Charleswood Travel, Winnipeg

More and more Canadians are choosing travel as a 2 nd career – and Syndi Prokopich is a great example. Today she can’t imagine anything she’d love more than being a travel consultant. ...read on