newsroom 28.03.17

Uniworld’s S.S. Joie de Vivre A Symbol Of Resilience

Open Jaw
Uniworld founder Stanley Tollman’s first instinct upon hearing of the terror attacks on Paris was to cancel the construction of S.S. Joie de Vivre.

deviations 28.03.17

12 Hours Without Electronics? RJ Offers Some Ideas

Think of it as a forced digital detox. Royal Jordanian is making the best of a bad situation with suggestions to pax on how to pass the time on flights where electronics are banned. on

cartoon 27.03.17

Tina The Travel Agent

More Cartoons

ivanna gabbalot 21.03.17

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Tales From The Lily Pond
Dahrlings, as you well know, when one dinkette retired, my troubles shrank by 50%. on

on the town 24.03.17

Texas Is Much More Than Cowboys & Oil Tycoons

With Martha Chapman
If there’s one message that came out loud and clear from seven Texas tourism partners and colleagues at a recent breakfast seminar in Toronto is that the Lone Star State is surprisingly on

learn-o-matic 22.02.17

Royal Caribbean Learn-o-Matic Training

with Stephanie McDonald, Royal Caribbean Strategic Account Manager
How Do You Sell An Oasis Class Ship?
It’s all about the neighbourhoods! to watch

virtual presentation 16.02.17

Norwegian Sky Does More Havana

with Dana Gain & Ian Smyth
Join Dana Gain & Ian Smyth as they discuss two Hot Topics: Cruising to Cuba, and Canada at Par! Watch to find out if you are the lucky winner of a cruise! to watch

vanessa's views 17.03.17

On The Edge Of Glory

By Vanessa Lee
Ship reveals always come with superlatives, but OJ columnist Vanessa Lee says Celebrity Edge is a true on

biting questions 21.03.17

With Sue Pechtel, Travel Advisor With Vision Travel, St. Albert, AB.

Sue’s first big trip was to Hawaii when she was 13 - and you could say she’s been hooked on travel ever since! on

on the town 14.03.17

Insight Vacations: “Why Would You Want Less When You Travel?”

With Bruce Parkinson
Insight Vacations and its upscale, experiential guided vacations are in a sweet spot right now, says the company’s hard-travelling and ever-enthusiastic CEO John on