top story 21.08.17

WS’s Lyell Farquharson On ULCC, Wide-Bodies & Sked Changes

After steady, profitable growth as a low-cost carrier, WS is making bold moves. Check out Open Jaw's video interview with Lyell on

vanessa's views 18.08.17

Cruising Wow Factors
Pushing Boundaries & Taking To The Skies

by Vanessa Lee
I feel cruise is totally outpacing most land-based vacation options with its ability to launch new-builds with ground-breaking additions to an everyday 7-day (or longer) cruise. These are real WOW on

deviations 21.08.17

Royal Caribbean Offers To Give Parliament The Horn

Open Jaw
Royal Caribbean Cruises has offered up one of its ship’s horns as a temporary replacement after news that London’s Big Ben will be silenced ... on

cartoon 21.08.17

Tina The Travel Agent

More Cartoons

ivanna gabbalot 16.08.17

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Lock Him Up
I’m under the couch waiting for the whole thing to blow over, dahrlings ….hmm a little grey pill here. What’s the harm. on

virtual presentation 25.07.17

Celebrity All Inclusive Packages Now Boarding!

with Ken Brooks
Celebrity Cruises is once again offering non-stop flights from Canadian gateways to Miami. Watch the video and you could win a spot on Celebrity's next Jet Set Fam! to watch

biting questions 08.08.17

with Larissa Newell of Maritime Travel in Charlottetown

This islander has been in the biz for 11 years and still loving it. on

on the town 15.08.17

YYZ Start-Up Sherpa Makes Visas Easy – And Pays Commission

with Bruce Parkinson
It’s a happy fact that for many places Canadians travel, an entry visa is not required. But for those destinations that do, the process is often fraught with on

learn-o-matic 27.06.17

AMResorts Agent Training - Grow with AMResorts!

Presentation by Brian Joseph, Business Development Manager Ontario
Find out how with Brian Joseph. Win A 3-night Stay At Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun! to watch