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Nina Slawek

Nina Slawek, President,
Open Jaw Network Ltd.

Open Jaw Network Ltd. is the creator of a North American on-line travel industry vehicle, openjaw.com. At the time of its launch in 2001, the founders, Suzanne Christie and Nina Slawek, shared over 40 years in the airline and packaged tours industries, enhanced by their extensive marketing backgrounds.

Having personally experienced the limitations of industry communication vehicles, they identified a marked need on the part of travel agents for an integrated source of relevant information -- and a growing frustration on the part of suppliers in search of an effective conduit. They determined to apply their expertise to creating a forceful industry presence -- delivering travel know-how in a penetrating and engaging manner.

In early 2017, Christie departed the Open Jaw family to embark on her next big adventure – loosely focused on retirement.

With Slawek at the helm, Open Jaw.com continues to be Canada's leading travel B2B news source. Travel agents and industry leaders across North America refer to the website daily for updates on latest travel news, travel video interviews, product information, online training, cartoons & insider tips.

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