Cheater Discount: CheapAir Gives AshleyMadison Users $50 Off

Will $50 help fix a marriage faced with Ashley Madison revelations? We doubt it – talk about a cheap date – but online agency CheapAir offering $50 travel vouchers to any Ashley Madison user whose information was released to the public.

Woman Chugs $200 Cognac She Couldn’t Take On Plane

We feel her pain. A Chinese woman who was told by airport security that she could not take an expensive bottle of cognac onto the plane decided to consume it all, right then and there.

Hide From Children! Santa Faces Bankruptcy

It makes for a great click-bait headline: Santa Claus Is Going Broke! And it’s true that a major attraction in Finland’s town of Rovaniemi, located close to the Arctic Circle, risks becoming the latest victim of the European economic crisis.

Hilton Washes Its Hands Of Dirty Movies

Hilton Worldwide has announced that it will phase out pornographic programming from its hotel rooms’ video-on-demand inventory.

Born On A TK Flight, Man Now Works As TK Flight Attendant

Stranger than fiction? Just about. No one feels more at home in the sky than TK flight attendant Erkan Geldi. Why? He was born there. In fact, he was born midair on a TK flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt in 1990. His mother named him Erkan in honor of the pilot that day.

EY To Offer Lifestyle Concierges For Its Biggest Spenders

If there’s one thing this humble writer has learned from reading thousands of press releases on luxury products and services over the years, it’s this: the very rich are different than us. A press release from EY underlines the point.

Toddler Left Distraught After Fart-Blaster Toy Seized By Security

A 3 yr. old boy got a lesson in the harsh reality of post 9/11 airport security after having his Minion toy gun - or more accurately his Minion Fart-Blaster - confiscated at DUB.

Sit Where You Like: 105 Seat 737 Flies With 1 Pax

Nigel Short was not planning to take a private plane to Victoria Falls when he arrived at JNB. But that’s what he ended up getting.

Man In Bear Suit Harasses Grizzlies At Tourist Area

Maybe he thinks he’s a grizzly bear. Maybe he was raised by grizzlies and is trying to come home. Or maybe he’s simply cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Novelty Grenade Forces ONT Evacuation

It’s not nice to call people stupid, but what else can you say about someone who tries to take a replica hand grenade through an airport in 2015?

Poolside ‘Entertainment’ Terrifies Travellers

U.K. tour operator Jet2Holidays has apologized to customers after staff at a hotel in Turkey dressed as ISIS-style gunmen and staged a poolside prank.

Mighty Wind: Typhoon Lifts Parked 747

Typhoon Soudelour ripped through southeastern China and Taiwan over the weekend, killing at least 24 people and injuring hundreds. Although it had weakened by the time it reached Taiwan, its wind gusts were still powerful enough to lift a 170 ton 747 parked at TSA.

Would The Only Sober Crew Member Please Stand Up?

A BT flight carrying 109 pax was denied permission to take off after both pilots and 2 of the 3 crew members failed an alcohol test at OSL.

Branson Is My BFF & Other VS Upgrade Excuses

With his great hair, ubiquitous arm candy and adventurous nature – not to mention his wide-ranging Virgin business success – Richard Branson is a very familiar face. But claiming you’re his pal will not get you an upgrade on a Virgin flight.

Resort Wages War On Beach Hoggers

A Costa del Sol town is taking serious action to combat the perennial bugbear of beach holidays with fines of up to €600 on people who commit the sin of ‘pre-booking’ a patch of sand.

Where To Stick All That Wearable Technology?

Google Glass and the Apple Watch are the just tip of the wearable technology iceberg. The geeks at Amadeus are looking into the volume of wearable hardware flooding the market which will turn the average tourist into a walking cyborg

Cruise Ship Captains: The Untouchables

With about 80% of infectious diseases, including norovirus, being spread via the traditional palm-to-palm handshake, a number of cruise lines have instituted a ‘no handshake’ policy.

Stressed? Don’t Take A Vacation

A recent study of vacationers reveals that people really do need a vacation after their vacation. Many people claim they don’t come home relaxed at all because of worries such as overspending, missing a flight and not being insured.

Too Drunk To Drive, Too Drunk To Fly

Oh, he’s a puddle alright. Wes Scantlin, the gravel-voiced lead singer of American rock band Puddle of Mudd, had quite the busy time last weekend, being kicked off a flight for being too drunk and the next day busted for DUI.

Pax Sues EY After Obese Seatmate Forced Him Into Contortions

A man is suing EY, claiming he injured his back by being forced into contortions while sitting next to an obese man who coughed a lot.