Pax Sues EY After Obese Seatmate Forced Him Into Contortions

A man is suing EY, claiming he injured his back by being forced into contortions while sitting next to an obese man who coughed a lot.

Running On Empty: G4 Pilot Begs For Landing Permission

That was too close for comfort. U.S. officials are investigating why an Allegiant Air pax jet nearly ran out of fuel before landing at an airport that was temporarily closed to most traffic.

Judge In Airline Lawsuit Just Wants To Know Where His Bags Are

A British judge hearing a complex and long-running price-fixing case involving BA has agreed to step down from the case after threatening to have BA’s chief executive brought before him to explain what the airline had done with his lost luggage.

Who Needs Air Marshals? Russian Pax Deal With Drunk

Word of advice: if you plan on boarding a plane hammered and then proceed to act like a buffoon while ruining the flight for dozens of others, you might not want to choose a Russian carrier.

Vantastic: A New York Hotel Starting At $22 Per Night

“Good Riddance & Bon Voyage:” Failing Agency Slags Customers

Businesses fail... it happens everywhere. But what makes the implosion of an Australian travel agency a little different are the aggressive social media responses from the agency to some of its disgruntled clients.

CX Loses A Bag – Stuffed With $1 Million In Cash

There’s lost luggage and there’s lost luggage. CX has lost a bag containing NZD 1 million in cash, somewhere at HKG.

The Saudi Royals Are Coming…The Beach Is Closed

Beach lovers on the French Riviera are venting their anger over the imminent arrival of the Saudi royal family, who have ordered a kilometre-long stretch of beach to be closed off to the public.

Kim Jong-un Designs Shorter, Tighter Skirts For KOR Crew

North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un has called for women cabin crew on Air Koryo to show more leg after personally overseeing a change in the company's uniform.

‘Tired’ Technicians May Have Led To BA Engine Fire

The customer may not always be right, but they’re not always wrong either. A report on a frightening incident aboard a BA A319 two years ago is a case in point. Pax were first to notice something was wrong, but crew failed to react.

Spit It Out: Russian Airline Bans Chewing Gum

Low-cost Russian airline Pobeda has banned pax from chewing gum on board because it is spending too much scraping it off its airplane’s interiors.

Beyond The Pale: Redhead Told She’s Too White To Fly

Remember the old joke that if you look like your passport photo you’re probably not well enough to fly? It almost came true for a Scottish teenager after EY gate agents said she was too pale to fly.

Singer Wears All Clothes To Beat Bag Fee, Pukes, Passes Out

A boyband singer collapsed on an EasyJet flight from Stansted to Glasgow while wearing 12 layers of clothing in a bid to beat the excess luggage fee.

Zimbabwe Hotels Accused Of Filming Guest Sex, Posting It Online

Some holiday lodges and hotels in Zimbabwe are being rigged with recording equipment to secretly record guests having sex – with the resulting video ending up online. That’s the unsavoury accusation being made by a former employee at a lodge in Bulawayo.

B-Movie Flight: Russian Plane Swarmed By Bees

It sounds like a horror movie, but this was no Hollywood production. As the FV A-319 prepared to taxi for takeoff from VKO en route to LED, thousands of bees swarmed the plane.

Why Are So Many U.K. Air Pax Drunk?

Stories of drunken airplane pax appear almost daily, but you may wonder whether there are actually more of them today or if people just love writing and reading about them. The answer? There are a lot more of them.

TSA Screeners Won’t Be Charged In Groping Case

They got the boot from the Transportation Security Administration, but no charges will be filed against 2 DEN security screeners accused of conspiring to fondle attractive male pax.

Meditating Portuguese Actor Scares Pax, Is Removed From Plane

How jumpy are air pax these days? A Portuguese actor humming a Buddhist prayer as he meditated onboard a plane awaiting takeoff at ORY was mistaken for a terrorist by alarmed pax and removed from the flight by police.

Worst. Resort. Entertainment. Ever.

British tourists were stunned after a hotel entertainment staffer pointed a fake gun at their heads -- the day after the Tunisia terror attacks.

The World’s Stingiest Airport Sandwich

Pax know they’re going to pay more for food at an airport. In fact, $6.25 doesn’t seem out of line for a bacon and egg sandwich -- until you see the sandwich. Open Jaw