Narcissist Nightmare: Selfie Sticks Banned From Disney Parks

Walt Disney will ban selfie sticks starting next week at its theme parks around the world, joining a growing list of attractions that restrict the camera accessories for safety reasons.

Penguin Survives Big Trip After Zoo Flooded Out

Devastating floods in Tbilisi led to the mass escape of animals from the city’s zoo. It was mostly a sad story as authorities with guns hunted down wild animals in the streets. But one small escapee not only managed to survive– he went on quite the adventure.

Offshore Ocean Hotel Offers Ultimate In Solitude

If your clients are seeking the ultimate in solitude – and they really mean it – the Frying Pan Tower might be the hotel for them. The ex-Coast Guard light station is located over 50 km. off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic.

The Perfect Gift For A Billionaire’s Child

What does the child of a billionaire get for a ‘Sweet 16’ celebration? Upscale Mexican all-inclusive chain Velas Resorts is suggesting a $2 million party complete with private jet flights, real gold popsicles, rented diamonds and more.

Lost Stuffed Tiger Goes On Excellent Airport Adventure

We could have written today about the nut job who went crackers when flight attendants wouldn’t give him more nuts and crackers; or the pax who ended up being strapped to his seat after assaulting a flight attendant for telling him not to smoke. But we didn’t.

Late-Arriving Couple Tries To Flag Down FR Flight On Runway

Well, it was worth a shot. (OK, not really.) An Italian couple ran out onto the tarmac of Malta's international airport to stop a Ryanair jet from leaving for Italy without them.

Drunk Tourist Enters Crocodile Enclosure, Loses Some Flesh

A young American tourist on the Riviera Maya thought it would be a good idea to scale a fence and enter a protected area for crocodiles. It wasn’t.

Naked Justice: Thief On Plane Stripped By Fellow Pax

An attempt by an air passenger to steal a large sum of money from a fellow traveller ended with the suspect being stripped naked - by fellow pax - and the money recovered.

Holiday Honesty Survey Reveals Bad Behaviour

More than 9,500 adults from the U.K., U.S., China, Canada and Germany were asked by Travelzoo to own up to their worst holiday habits. The results are slightly disturbing. If you don’t want to know how many people pee in the pool, stop reading now.

Norwegian Billionaire Turns Hotel Opening Into Thrill Ride

Norwegian Petter Stordalen, dubbed the rockstar of the global hotel industry, came thundering on a jet-ski through the canals of Malmö in his hand-made Balmain jacket. Then he crashed head first into the concrete stairs. Now that’s a hotel opening.

Lizard In Lunch Story A Lie Says Indignant AI

A picture purportedly showing a tiny reptile emerging from underneath a bun on an Air India meal tray has been denounced as baseless by the airline.

Thanks For That: FR Pilot Refers To Pax As ‘Morons’

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary said last year that it was time for him and his airline to “stop unnecessarily pissing people off.” He may have forgotten to tell his pilots.

Choice Hotels Sues Loyalty Club Member

Hoteliers usually coddle their top tier loyalty program members but, Choice is suing one of its members for exploiting a glitch in their program to rack up nearly $50,000 in gift cards.

Stripping Tourists Blamed For Malaysian Earthquake

Western tourists - including 2 Canadians - who stripped naked on Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu a week before a devastating earthquake struck, are being blamed by locals for the deadly tremor.

British Seaside Resort Bans The Mankini

Remember the ‘mankini’ Sacha Baron Cohen wore in Borat? If not, consider yourself lucky. It was hard to un-see. A resort town in England has had enough of the revealing male garment.

Pax Changes Name To Avoid FR Name Change Fee

A student booked on an FR flight under the wrong name decided to change his name and buy a new passport because it was cheaper than paying the airline’s name change fee.

You Can’t Follow EY On Twitter Unless You’re Special

In order to follow EY on Twitter you have to apply. The carrier only wants what it considers “special” followers who are vetted after submitting their Etihad Guest Card, d.o.b., postal code and Twitter handle.

Hurry Get Your $47 Flash Sale…. But Not Right Now

In a marketing coup worthy of a David Copperfield illusion, WN’s recent WOW sale offering fares as low as $47 has left consumers clicking to no avail. Traffic driven by the crazy offer shut down part of the carrier’s site.

North Korea Plans To Welcome 2 Million Tourists

The most tightly controlled and secretive country in the world has declared its intention to aggressively ramp up the tourism appeal to their self-proclaimed “socialist fairyland”.

Spirit Airlines Employs Robots To Respond To Social Media

If you sometimes wonder if your social media posts are only being read by minions assigned to handle social media posts...