The 12 Worst Things To Say To A Flight Attendant

Sydney Pearl is the author of Diary of a Pissed-Off Flight Attendant and as the title suggests, Pearl is blunt about pax behaviour towards her profession. Those wishing to stay on the right side of Pearl would do well to avoid using any of the following opening lines.

TSA Thanksgiving Advice: You Will Not Fly With A Soupy Pie

Is a pie a liquid? According to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, it all depends. Of course, with airport security, a lot of things ‘all depend.’

Outrage Greets McCafé Opening In Historic Chinese Villa

It’s an incongruous sight: the familiar Golden Arch of McDonalds set on a historic villa in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. It also might be the most controversial McDonald's outlet in the world.

How To Fly Free Forever

When your net worth is USD 1.37 billion, you’re not exactly struggling to afford a plane ticket. But for Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian, that’s not enough. He wants his whole family to fly free, in first class, anywhere in the world, for the rest of his life. And he’s achieved that with the purchase of a painting.

Snakes In A Spa; Knead That

Wellness Travel is well documented as trending very strongly but, we’re not convinced that the snake massage therapy offered at a spa in Haifa is going to catch on.

Worst Airline In The World Is Always On Time

North Korea’s Air Koryo is ranked as the worst airline in the world by online review site Skytrax. The one-star carrier, however, is always on time and never overbooked. Tech Insider has provided a photo essay on what it’s like to fly the airline run by the North Korean Government. (Apparently a meal is served. But you eat it at your own risk.)

Prêt-à-Porter Airline Seats: Is That 32B You're Wearing?

Ever sat down in a commercial airliner and thought that the seat fabric might make a great pair of pants? Or a bustier? Frankly, no. But fashion students in Hawaii felt that all the fabric from Hawaiian Airlines’ cabin retrofit shouldn't go to waste. The result? Depends on whether you prefer an aisle or a window.

Have Gun, Will Travel: But How?

At a time when airport security is in the spotlight, a U.S. air traveller reportedly took his loaded handgun through security, onto his flight and all the way to his destination without being stopped by security.

How BA Offended 1 Billion Indian Cricket Fans

BA has incurred the wrath of Indian cricket fans over Sachin Tendulkar – also known as ‘God’ to many fanatical cricket lovers. When the legend tweeted about poor service, BA made it clear they had no idea who he is – and the social media storm began.

It’s A Boat, It’s A Car – It’s Dubai Customs Agents!

Ships carrying hazardous and illegal substances can now be busted from a distance of 300 metres with the launch of a 1st-of-its-kind amphibious vehicle designed by Dubai Customs.

Korean Skies Go Quiet As Students Take Important Test

Korean airports postponed all takeoffs and landings at airports nationwide for 40 min. yesterday. But the move wasn’t due to a terror threat or airport incursion. It was done to keep the noise down for students taking an important college test.

EI Attendant Sues Airline Over Hard Landing

An EI aircraft landed so hard that when it hit the runway it bounced 3 times, causing duty free liquor to smash and pour onto the heads of screaming pax. An attendant on the flight is suing the airline for the trauma she experienced.

A Unique Souvenir From Costa Cruises – 3D-Printed Guest Replicas

Now that’s an interesting souvenir! Costa Cruises is offering guests on Costa Diadema 7-day West Med cruises the opportunity to purchase a 3D statuette – of themselves.

Flight Diverted By 2,186 Gassy Goats

An SQ flight from ADL to KUL diverted to DPS and made an emergency landing after smoke alarms in the cargo hold went off. When the aircraft was inspected, no fire or smoke was discovered. However, there were 2,186 goats travelling on that flight…2,186 flatulent goats.

Would You Leave $95K In Jewellery In A Checked Bag?

An NYC couple has filed a lawsuit against B6 and the TSA, alleging that more than $95,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from their checked luggage at JFK.

Seattle’s ‘Germy’ Gum Wall To Get A Deep Cleaning

It has earned the dubious distinction of being named the world’s 2nd germiest attraction, after Ireland’s Blarney Stone. But the ‘gum wall’ at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market is getting a major cleaning.

Jimmy Fallon Is Catching A Ride At Universal Studios Orlando

Jimmy Fallon is getting his very own ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, the 41 yr. old TV host announced last week.

MSY Hotel Invites Women To Vie For “Most Convincing Strumpet”

Do you ever fantasize about being a 19th century hussy? At Open Jaw we leave that role to a certain Ms. Gabbalot, but if the idea of competing for the title of ‘Best Dressed Madame’ appeals, you’re invited to join a bawdy bevy of hopeful harlots in New Orleans.

That’s One Big Dog – And He’s Flying First Class

A photo of Hank the Tank being wheeled toward a LAX boarding gate has gone viral... not just because he is a massive creature, but he is likely living a better life than most of us.

FA To Non-Pregnant Woman: “How Many Weeks Are You?

When will people ever learn? You never, ever ask a woman if she is pregnant unless you’re absolutely sure that she is.