Fun Police: 9W Crew Suspended After Inflight Bollywood Concert

India’s Jet Airways has suspended 5 cabin crew members for letting a famous Bollywood star serenade pax over the intercom. Singer Sonu Nigam says the crew should not be punished for “spreading happiness.”

Hungry Sea Lion Takes A Booth At San Diego Restaurant

A skinny sea lion pup followed its rumbling stomach to a fancy San Diego restaurant, where it slipped into a booth and made itself comfortable.

Piers Morgan To Agents: “Stop Being So Damn Greedy”

Former CNN presenter Piers Morgan has created an uproar in the U.K. after accusing travel companies of inflating peak holiday pricing needlessly. Morgan’s response to the outrage: “... poor little diddums. Stop being so greedy then and ripping off parents.”

Sit Where You Like: PR Q400 Carries Just One Pax

Open Jaw once flew from CAI to LXR on a brand-new MS 767, with just 2 pax on board. The service was excellent. But Alex Simon has gone one better. He was the only pax on a PR Q400 travelling between MNL and the resort island of Boracay.

Getaway Car Sits In Airport Lot For 2 Years

Now that’s a long-term airport parking lot. A Honda Accord linked to a Colombian crime ring responsible for major jewellery thefts has been sitting abandoned in a long-term lot at WLG for at least two years.

Harmless Snake Leads To Lawsuit Against Walt Disney World

A family plans to sue Walt Disney World after a child was bitten by a non-venomous snake at Animal Kingdom. The child was fine, but the family says that after witnessing the incident the boy’s grandmother had a heart attack and died a short time later.

Trump Calls Brussels ‘Hellhole,’ Belgians Call Trump ‘A-Hole’

Brussels has responded with dignified outrage after U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump described the city as a “hellhole.”

Italian Cover-Up: Nude Statues Shrouded For Iranian President

A decision by Italian officials to cover up ancient nude statues so as not to offend Iran’s visiting President is drawing ridicule.

Yikes! Pilots Reveal Scary Flying Experiences

Who’s flying this thing? Airline pilots are revealing their most unusual experiences in a safety newsletter. The anonymous confessions include a pilot who passed his co-pilot when returning from the toilet – and realized there was no-one flying the plane.

Nice Try, But Brooklyn Igloo Iced By Airbnbn

From lighthouses to tepees to “Steve’s backyard in Napa,” there are some pretty bizarre Airbnb rentals. But Patrick Horton’s Brooklyn igloo – built this past weekend – didn’t make the cut.

Drunken Flyer Molests Male Pax In Front Of His Wife

A drunken passenger on an HA flight allegedly molested a male passenger in an adjoining seat – right in front of the victim’s wife – and then went on to expose himself.

You Can Order Room Service Using Only Emojis

Esperanto didn’t work. Perhaps emojis will become a new international language. Aloft Hotels is doing its part to enable guests to communicate using only the little icons (there are over 700 of them now) that have become a ubiquitous part of text messaging.

From Concentration Camp To Luxury Resort

Some people - including a former United Nations Secretary-General – are not impressed with plans to turn a former Italian fascist concentration camp into a luxury resort with a “party atmosphere.”

FR Apologizes For “We Don’t Want To Die” Inflight Announcement

Even the most inexperienced flyer knows – you don’t say ‘Hi, Jack!’ at an airport. Similarly, any flight attendant should be well aware that mentioning the prospect of a crash to passengers is verboten. Someone didn’t get the message at Ryanair.

Ultimate Unbundling: Spanish LCC Charges For Job Interviews

Bring your resume. And your ATM card. A new Spanish LCC has taken unbundling to a new level by charging a €60 fee for the opportunity to interview for 250 available pilot and cabin crew positions.

DL Makes Room For ‘Emotional Support Turkey’

The therapy animals-everywhere trend reached a new milestone recently after a passenger was able to bring an emotional support turkey aboard a DL flight. Yes, turkey. Think Thanksgiving, but alive.

Purse Snatching Gets Couple Kicked Off Cruise, Far From Home

She just had to have that bag. A Brazilian couple has been ordered off a Celebrity Solstice cruise in Dunedin, New Zealand after the alleged theft of a designer handbag from an onboard store. The couple faces a long way home on their own dime.

BOM Launches ‘No-Selfie’ Zones After Deaths

The selfie craze is no longer a joke. As people stare into their cell phones and capture their own images at arm’s length, they are falling off cliffs, down stairs and being gored by animals. India’s Mumbai is the latest destination forced to erect ‘no selfie- signs at dangerous locations.

Men Released In UAE After ‘Most Inappropriate’ Selfie

While some may consider taking selfies a crime of vanity, they’re not illegal in the criminal sense. But 2 men were recently detained in Dubai after taking selfies in front of a hotel fire.

Man Uses Implanted Chip As His Boarding Pass

Having just returned from a beach vacation in Mexico, Open Jaw is no stranger to implants. But this story is about another type of surgically-implanted device, one which enabled a tech consultant who managed to board a flight by waving his hand at the electronic gates.