The Unicorn Is Gone, But Disneyland Has A Pink Pegasus

While it has only been a few days since Starbucks closed the curtain on its made-for-Instagram Unicorn Frappuccino that took the online world...

Gun In The Loo & Other Dumb Traveller Stories

A forgetful federal air marshal left a loaded gun in the bathroom of a transatlantic flight.

The Mystery Burger On North Korea’s JS Inspires Endless Fascination

On Air Koryo, North Korea's state airline, flight attendants are known to serve one thing, and one thing only: a burger as mysterious as the Hermit Kingdom itself.

Dubai Says Drone Taxis Could Take Off This Year

Small enough to fit into a car parking space when folded up, the electric-powered one-seater passenger drones are made by Chinese company Ehang.

Six Unusual Reasons You Can Be Kicked Off A Plane

When you purchase an airplane ticket, you’re agreeing to a lot of fine print — most of which most of us have never read.

Too Soon: UA Commercial Has NYC Audience Rolling In The Aisles

Have people moved on from the United Airlines passenger-dragging incident? It appears the answer to that question is a definite ‘not yet.’

After Week Of Turbulence For Airlines, WS Earns Praise

It shouldn’t be a ‘Deviation’ when an airline goes a good job, but after a week of United Airlines being excoriated in the media for its treatment of a paying passenger

Taco Bill: Grand Velas Los Cabos Offers a $25,000 Snack

You can get a basic taco at Taco Bell for just over $1. But if you have deep pockets and a hankering for a gourmet Mexican treat...

Here’s The Object That Caused Hours Of Delays At YYZ

By now most of us know you don’t make jokes in airport security lines.

Tipping The TSA – Pax Left Over $1 Million In U.S. Airports Last Year

That’s not small change: airline passengers left behind over US$867,000 ($1.15 million), mostly in coins, at TSA checkpoints across the U.S. last year.

Pile On: Now UA Accused Of Harboring Scorpions

The hits just keep coming for UA. Yesterday it was revealed that a full-fare, first class pax travelling from Hawaii to California was threatened

Hotel Housekeeper Finds Slithery Surprise

While cleaning a room at the Marriott Residence Inn in Worcester, Massachusetts, a member of the housekeeping staff opened a drawer and found a big surprise -- a 5-foot juvenile reticulated python.

Savvy Flyer Turns Delays Into $11K Windfall

A Delta passenger turned a bad experience at LGA into a lucrative opportunity, amassing $11,000 in compensation for repeated flight delays.

Woman Chokes Girl Blocking View Of Fireworks At WDW

A Walt Disney World guest – a 40+-year-old woman -- is accused of choking a girl who was blocking her view at the Magic Kingdom fireworks show last week, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

FR Ordered To Pay 6-Month-Old $570 For Flight Delay

In what the airline describes as “compo (compensation) culture gone mad,” Ryanair has been ordered to compensate a six-month-old girl for a flight delay, even though the infant was travelling on her father's knee.

Catch Me If You Can: Drug Smuggler Poses As Pilot

Customs officials have seen this movie before. Posing as an off-duty DL pilot, an alleged drug smuggler was busted at JFK.

Tycoon Charters Costa Fascinosa For Son’s Wedding

Over 1,000 guests, among them numerous Bollywood stars, are on board the Costa Fascinosa for the destination wedding to beat all.

China Tourism Puts Focus On More & Better Toilets

China is spending billions on building more and better toilets for tourists, both domestic and international.

G3 To Pay Amazonian Tribe $1.7 Million For “Spiritual Damage”

Brazilian airline Gol has agreed to pay $1.7m to the Kayapo indigenous tribe as compensation for material and spiritual damage caused by a 2006 plane crash which left a huge tract of their land “cursed.”

Gordon Ramsay: “There’s No F$%^ing Way I Eat On Planes”

It’s a little ironic. Despite spending a decade helping to create them, celebrity chef and potty-mouth Gordon Ramsay has issued a blanket condemnation of airline meals.