Mom Told To Pump Breast Milk At Airport Pet Relief Room

The red fire hydrant really didn’t help. When traveller Liz Cooper requested a private place to use her breast pump at IAD, she was escorted to the pet relief room, which came complete with a red fire hydrant to encourage dogs to pee.

Most Annoying Things About Hotels? Other Guests

Hotels should be an oasis of calm amidst the storm of modern life. And they often would be except for one annoying factor – other guests. Expedia's inaugural Hotel Etiquette Study reveals just who those guests are.

Done The Ice Hotel? Time To Sleep In A Sandcastle

Dutch sand sculptors have taken a childhood fantasy to a new level by creating the world's first real-life "sandcastle hotel," complete with drawbridge and turrets.

AF Managers Flee After Union Activists Rip Shirts Off Their Backs

Union activists protesting nearly 3,000 proposed layoffs at AF stormed the airline’s H.Q. during a meeting Monday, attacking 2 senior managers who had their shirts torn from their bodies.

Bottles Marked TNT? Yeah, Throw Them In The Luggage

Brides and grooms can be excused for not always thinking clearly during the stressful planning process. But assuming you could travel through an airport in 2015 with luggage containing powder-filled glass bottles with “TNT” stenciled on the sides is just plain dumb.

Newest Tourist Board Is Out Of This World

ArrivalGuides, an online distributor of destination content, has announced its newest profiled destination - and it’s out of this world. The company says the Mars Tourist Board has signed up as the latest destination wishing to attract millions of travellers to its rocky shores.

Flight Attendant Fired After Charging For Mile-High Liaisons

The U.K.’s Daily Mail is reporting that a flight attendant earned around £650,000 - that’s CAD1.3 million - over a 2 yr. period by having sex with plane pax in the toilet.

12 Year Old’s Travel Review Site Lets Kids Sound Off

Not chicken nuggets again! A 12 year old Aussie thinks kids are being short changed on vacation comforts and perks their parents take for granted… so she launched a Kids travel review site.

EK To Disabled Pax Left Without Wheelchair: “Have Some Cake”

Emirates has come under fire for offering a cake as compensation to an elderly disabled passenger left without a wheelchair at HKG, who had to struggle to make her own way to arrivals.

There’s A Baboon Tarantula Loose On The Plane!

A DL aircraft was recently grounded and pax transferred to another flight after an African baboon tarantula spider escaped from its container in the cargo hold.

Here’s What Happens When Crew Doesn’t Disarm & Crosscheck

“Cabin crew, prepare for landing, disarm your doors and crosscheck.” Bet you’ve heard that one before. But what happens if the Captain’s orders are not followed?

Welcome To Georgia! CDN Tourist Jailed For $75 Ticket

After travelling all the way from Saskatchewan to Georgia with his nephew to watch the Blue Jays play the Braves, Canadian tourist Randy Kanuick got into a minor fender-bender. What happened next will likely ensure that he never returns.

Trans Woman Detained By TSA Over Body ‘Anomaly’

“I am being held by the TSA in Orlando because of an "anomaly" (my penis).” That was a tweet from a transgender woman, who says that she was detained by TSA agents at MCO after an officer flagged her for having an anatomical “anomaly” when she passed through the screening area.

Silly Pax Questions

Maybe it’s something to do with the air pressure. But according to cabin crew members, airline pax ask a lot of hilarious questions.

What Would Josephine Ugwu Do? Airport Cleaner An Inspiration

Imagine you make $40 per month cleaning airport bathrooms for 12 hr. per day. During your labours you find a lost bag containing nearly $60,000 in cash. What would you do?

Selfies vs. Shark Attacks... Which Are More Deadly?

It has been a bad year for shark attacks. Sharks are scary. And they can be dangerous, occasionally lethal. But notas lethal as that ubiquitous-of-late travel pastime, the selfie.

AC Flight Diverts To Ensure The Safety Of A Dog

Here at Open Jaw we’re getting a little sick of reporting on flight diversions caused by drunk, drugged or insane pax. So it’s a nice change to report on a flight diversion for a better reason.

Fear Of Flying? New Study Says A Little Nookie Nookie Is The Cure

Could it be that the secret to getting over a crippling fear of flying is as simple as a night of good sex? According to a new study, that just might be the case.

Big Problem? AI Grounds 130 Crew Who Fail To Lose Weight

Troubled Air India has plenty of issues for its new CEO to deal with. Apparently the airline has decided that overweight flight attendants is a big one.

Foam Party! Fire-Suppressing Suds Fill Hangar At YYZ

A malfunctioning fire-suppression system caused a foamy mess on Saturday morning inside - and outside - a hangar at Pearson International Airport.