Stay Calm & Don’t Lie Down: Shanghai Disney Etiquette Guide

The official opening of the hotly anticipated Shanghai Disney is just days away, and city officials have released an etiquette guide in response to “uncouth activities” witnessed during the soft launch.

So Long – And Take Your Fish!

Yes, this is a fish tale. As a domestic JQ flight was taxiing toward the runway for takeoff, a flight attendant approached a male passenger and asked a blunt question: “Do you have a fish?”

Naked Hotel Guest Sleepwalks Through MAN

If you tend to sleepwalk, you might want to wear pyjamas. A guest staying at a hotel MAN got up, left his room and hit the streets at 4 a.m., as naked as the day he was born.

2 Big, Hairy Spiders Cause Panic On TS Flight

A tickling sensation caused a female TS pax to absent-mindedly brush at her leg. Then it happened again. She looked down to see a very large, very hairy tarantula climbing up her leg.

Pax Are Saying Some Nasty Things About Flight Attendants

If there’s one thing the Internet and social media have taught us, it’s that people can be downright nasty. We are reminded of that by DL, which recently launched a program that allows pax to submit real-time feedback about their travel experience.

Clowns & Tiny Horses: Airports Try To Distract Pax In Long Security Lines

With growing delays at airports across the U.S. being blamed on TSA cutbacks and increased pax traffic, airports are getting creative in their attempts to keep travellers' tempers in check.

Times Square ‘Free Hugs’ Guy Punches Canadian Tourist

It’s said there’s no free lunch. Maybe there are no free hugs either. A man promising ‘free hugs’ in NYC’s Times Square is accused of punching a female Canadian tourist in the face when she refused to give him a tip.

Meow Meow Assisting 5T Ops Team With Evacuations

Canadian North has had their hands full evacuating Fort McMurray residents from the wild fires that have devastated the region and in one case has found valuable assistance at the paws of a feline evacuee.

Yellowstone Visitors Put Bison Calf In SUV Because It Looked Cold

There have been many stories about tourists getting too close to bison at Yellowstone National Park. Deaths and injuries have resulted. This one might take the cake in terms of well-meaning stupidity.

Did You Pack These Eyeballs Yourself, Sir?

For many of us, clothes and toiletries are the main contents of our luggage when we travel. But some people pack the strangest things. Check out these bizarre examples from over the years.

The Great A380 Square Tire Mystery

UK publication The Aviation Herald is a serious publication, so the story in its ‘Incidents & News’ section is topped by a serious headline: Incident: British Airways A388 enroute on May 5th 2016, the square tyre. The what tire? Open Jaw

Some Things That Happen In Vegas Should Stay In Vegas

A teenager’s parents have apologized after their 15-year-old son apparently urinated on bystanders as he travelled above Las Vegas’s Fremont Street Experience on the high-speed SlotZilla zipline.

FR (And Its Pax) Are Back To Their Old Tricks

We haven’t talked much about FR of late. Things have been relatively quiet in the blue-and-yellow skies since the decision was made to embrace (or at least not publicly ridicule) customers and, just maybe, tone down its bombastic founder’s outrageous tongue. It couldn’t last. Open Jaw

Math Equation Mistaken For Scribblings Of A Terrorist

A 40-minute U.S. domestic flight was delayed 1.5 hours in yet another case of "see something, say something" gone awry. A woman on an AA regional jet passed a note to an FA expressing concern that her seatmate was a terrorist writing on a notepad in a language she did not understand. It was a math equation.

KE Boss Sued By Own Pilots For Belittling Their Skills

Pilots at KE are suing its chairman Cho Yang-Ho after he made mind-bogglingly insulting comments about their skills in a post on social media.

Selfie Craze Claims Another Victim

Another one bites the dust. The selfie craze has claimed another victim, but this time it was a statue rather than a person.

MNL May No Longer Be World’s Worst Airport, But Future Looks Bleak

MNL has frequently been cited as the ‘Worst Airport in the World.’ Rehabilitation efforts have helped MNL shed that dubious distinction of late, but there’s no help in sight for the persistent overcrowding.

How Much Do You Tip Your Airport Security Screener?

When even fast food restaurants are adding a tip prompt to payment devices, you know this whole gratuity expectation may have reached a tipping point. But here’s a question: how much should you give the officer at the airport security checkpoint?

Bums In Seats: LON Eagerly Awaits Clothing-Optional Resto

London’s 1st nude restaurant hasn’t even opened but the waiting list has topped 29,000 names. Expect lineups when it opens later this month.

Contiki Has Last Laugh After Being Dissed In Lawsuit

Contiki Tours used its social media savvy to win the day after an Australian lawyer made a disparaging comment about the company in the course of a class action lawsuit against Scenic Tours – one that has nothing to do with the 18-35 specialist.