Tourist Spends Night Trapped In Milan’s Duomo

An American tourist had an unexpected sleepover on the spired roof of Milan’s historic Duomo cathedral this week. He was apparently using the bathroom during security’s final pass, and was subsequently locked in for the night.

Disney Files Patent To Track Guests By Scanning Their Feet

Disney has been granted a patent for a shoe recognition system, which would inconspicuously track guests’ feet around its theme parks gathering info on the popularity of rides, stores and shows.

Couple Raffles Off Island Resort With $49 Tickets

The owners of a tropical island resort decided to raffle it off by selling $49 raffle tickets to anyone willing to take a chance on becoming the new owners of the 16 room Kosrae Nautilus Resort.

Passenger Tears Hole In Ceiling Of Plane Looking For Bin Space

A Cathay Pacific flight to Bangkok was delayed for more than 3 hr. after a passenger accidentally tore off part of the ceiling while trying to stow his luggage.

Why Carry A Suitcase When You Can Attach It To Your Bottom?

A new gadget on the market has been designed to make it possible to walk, talk on the phone, drink a coffee and drag a suitcase all at the same time. How is this all possible? If you sacrifice your pride, anything is possible.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Staffer’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Our Deviations choices for today included yet another tale of drunken louts on a plane or a sad story about an Alaskan mountain goat so harassed by tourists that it leaped from rocks into the ocean and drowned. So - we could all use a little good news, right?

On Your Left! Whale Watching Tourists Miss Big Show

A boat load of whale watchers in Sydney, Australia missed a humpback's spectacular show because they were looking the other way as the huge animal launched itself out of the water.

UA Suspends Pilot Who Called For Hillary Clinton’s Public Hanging

The level of public discourse in the U.S. is hitting new lows. UA has suspended a pilot for using social media to call for the public hanging of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Automated E-Mails Add Insult To Injury After U.K. OTA Failure

A Lowcost Holidays customer received an e-mail from the OTA 2 days after the company folded. Shortly after learning that the £2,200 she had paid for her vacation had gone up in smoke, Victoria Leonard received an e-mail asking ‘How did we do?’

Have A Ball At This Serbian Food Festival

The world testicle cooking championship is held each year in Serbia. The challenge this year is to make the best balls-goulash, with testicles from rams, calves, bulls, donkeys, horses, roosters, sharks and more.

TripAdvisor CEO Goes On Defensive After Scathing Review

A recent column in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper poured scorn on TripAdvisor. That’s nothing new – the massive review site is a frequent critical target. But this time something clearly irked CEO Steve Kaufer, who responded with a 1,400 word rebuttal.

Urinals On Planes? Airbus Might Give It A Go

Airbus is considering introducing the 1st ever urinals aboard its aircraft. The manufacturer is in the process of updating its lavatories due to a fault with closing the washroom doors on some of its planes.

We’re Back! BA Pax Endure 12 Hr. Flight To Nowhere

For unclear reasons, a BA flight turned around over halfway into its journey from LHR to NRT. Possibly due to a “wrong flight plan,” a B777 ended up back at Heathrow, over 12 hr. after departure.

China’s Billion Dollar Islamic-Themed Park Is No Tourism Mecca

China is pouring billions of dollars into an Islamic theme park to attract Muslim tourists and boost its image in the Arab world. All that's missing are visitors.

Calling For Rain? Noah’s Ark Theme Park Opens

A theme park dedicated to the story of Noah's Ark opened in Kentucky. It features a 510-foot-long, 7-storey, exhibit-filled wooden replica of Noah's Ark. There’s also a zoo.

Helicopter Delivers 100 Wrong-Sized Mattresses To Mountain Hotel

Over a hundred mattresses delivered by helicopter to an Austrian hotel 3,000 metres above sea level had to be sent back after it turned out they were the wrong size.

Once Again, Hotel Entertainment Terrifies Guests

UK operator First Choice has apologized after one of its resorts staged entertainment which saw staff burst out of the restaurant kitchen in dark clothes firing fake guns.

Homeless Man Leaves US$187,000 In Boston Cab

If you found US$187,000 in cash, what would you do? An honest Boston cab driver found a backpack full of bills in the back of his cab and turned the money in to city police.

Pax Says Cruisers ‘Terrified’ As Jet Buzzes Breakaway

A mysterious high-speed aircraft, reported to be a French “military jet”, buzzed Norwegian Breakaway sailing from New York City to Bermuda last month. Open Jaw

World’s Oldest Cruise Ship To Leave Cruise & Maritime Voyages

It’s farewell, but not goodbye to Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ Astoria. In an era of 5,000-pax cruise ships, it’s amazing that the nearly 70-year-old Astoria is still sailing at all.