How Much Do You Tip Your Airport Security Screener?

When even fast food restaurants are adding a tip prompt to payment devices, you know this whole gratuity expectation may have reached a tipping point. But here’s a question: how much should you give the officer at the airport security checkpoint?

Bums In Seats: LON Eagerly Awaits Clothing-Optional Resto

London’s 1st nude restaurant hasn’t even opened but the waiting list has topped 29,000 names. Expect lineups when it opens later this month.

Contiki Has Last Laugh After Being Dissed In Lawsuit

Contiki Tours used its social media savvy to win the day after an Australian lawyer made a disparaging comment about the company in the course of a class action lawsuit against Scenic Tours – one that has nothing to do with the 18-35 specialist.

Oh Those Wacky Travel Complaints

You can’t please everyone all the time, but some people are much more difficult than others. Like the couple who had requested aisle and window seats respectively, and were outraged when the seat assignments were reversed. Asked why they didn’t switch, they hung up.

Mom Misses The Boat While Kids Sail Away

A distraught mother can be seen in YouTube footage looking on in tears as the Norwegian Breakaway sets sail from Nassau with her children on board.

Is That A Headrest Or A Head Hammock?

Finding that airline headrest designs leave a lot to be desired – specifically comfort and the ability to actually sleep - Dutch industrial designer Manon Kühne took matters into his own hands to change up the design quite dramatically.

Paris Is Too Dirty For The Japanese; Tour Operators Launch Clean Up

Japanese travel agents say that the streets of Paris are so dirty that their clients are disgusted. So, several Tokyo-based operators sent their representatives to Paris on a clean up operation to remove litter from the streets around popular tourist attractions. But, is that really getting to the root of the problem?

Tennis Balls, Maxi-Pads & Other Essential Travel Tools

Road warriors often boast about the insider tactics they use to reduce the impact of long hours spent in airports, on planes and in hotels. But a new book offers a few ideas they might never have considered. (And might never want to.)

Introducing The Talking Tourist T-Shirt

There are some truly terrible tasteless tourist t-shirts out there. You see them in the souvenir shops and wonder how anyone could wear them without embarrassment. Then you see someone wearing one – without embarrassment.

Rat Sighted On AI 787 – For 3rd Time This Month

Delhi, we have a problem. A rat spotting has disrupted a flight on an Air India Dreamliner – for the 3rd time this month.

UA Accused Of Shaming Alleged Sexual Assault Victim

A teenager who says she was groped by an elderly man on a plane says in response to her complaint UA suggested she was ‘asking for it’ because she was wearing short shorts.

Jury Sides With Pax In ‘Nuts & Crackers’ Air Rage Case

A Californian passenger who asked repeatedly for cheese and crackers on a UA flight – to the point where crew decided a flight diversion was necessary - has been acquitted by a jury of air rage charges.

Uber Drive Naps While Pax Gets Into High-Speed Chase

Ah, the sharing economy. A tired Uber driver got his passenger to share the driving duties while he caught a nap. When he woke up he was in the middle of a high-speed police chase.

Sniffer Dogs Play Havoc With Sausage Smugglers

If you’re thinking of trying to smuggle a few sausages or a round of illicit cheese into MAN, think again. The sniffer dogs there have a nose for such transgressions. When it comes to finding Class A drugs, however, the dogs have turned their noses in the air.

BER Spokesman Turfed Out For Stating The Obvious

The (now former) spokesman for Berlin’s new Brandenberg Airport -- billions of euros over budget and years behind schedule -- has been sent packing for making some brutally honest comments.

Thinking Of Visiting Sweden? Call A Random Swede

Have you spoken to a Swede lately? A real, honest-to-goodness Swede, as in a resident of Sweden. If you’re considering a visit, a conversation with a random Swede just might help.

Women Suing NK After Being Caught-Up In Inflight Brawl

Three women caught up in a mid-air brawl on a recent NK flight are suing the carrier for failing to control – and continuing to sell alcohol to - a group of rowdy pax.

True Deviation: EY Pilot Stops Taxiing Plane In Act Of Kindness

From crazed pax to flipped-out flight attendants, if you read OJ’s Deviations on a regular basis, you could begin to think the world of travel is going mad. So it’s nice once in a while to present a story that reflects the better side of human nature.

Infidelity Website Buys Island For Secret Resort

The U.K.'s largest dating website for married people has confirmed plans to purchase a private island where its members can visit (while blindfolded) with the intention of having an affair.

Another Flight Attendant Flips Out, Takes The Slide

The UA plane door opens. The emergency slide inflates. A bag is thrown from the plane to the tarmac. A flight attendant jumps on the slide, whizzes down, grabs the bag and strides away.