Paris Plans Official Park For Nudists

Nudists in Paris will soon be able to shed their clothes without fear of arrest, as city council members have approved plans for an official park where people can get down to basics.

Seatmates From Hell: From The Morbidly Obese To A Creepy Doll

Which is worse? Being seated next to someone so big that they spill into your seat or being assigned to a seat next to a creepy doll owned by a middle-aged man who purchased a ticket for his ‘companion.’

Emotional Support Turkeys, Pigs & Ferrets; There Could Soon Be A Limit

As more passengers are travelling with their emotional support animals, airlines and mental health advocates are debating whether the practice should continue or be better managed.

Are We There Yet? PE To Launch World’s Shortest International Flight

A little-known Austrian airline is launching what is believed to be the shortest international flight. The hop will cover just 20 km and is expected to take 8 min.

Local Gov’t Slammed For Shoddy Great Wall Restoration Work

A local government in China has earned widespread scorn after truly terrible restoration work on a 700 yr. old stretch of the Great Wall.

1/3 Of Prospective AI Pilots Are Failing Mental Health Test

Air India has introduced a new requirement that all applicants for pilot positions take a psychometric examination to measure their mental health. The results have been somewhat startling.

The 6 Star Hotel That Guests Love To Hate

It describes itself as a 6 star hotel. That should be a warning right there. But the Ryanggang Hotel – rated 8th out of 8 properties in Pyongyang – appears to offer a special kind of anti-hospitality.

Actress Sophia Bush Slams ‘Creepy’ Airline Pap In Open Letter

‘Chicago PD’ actress Sophia Bush has slammed a "creepy" airline passenger who made her uncomfortable on a recent flight. The actress took to Twitter to share an open letter addressed to "Random Dude on a Plane."

Man Suing CX After His UM Son Taken By Stranger

It’s a parent’s nightmare. A HKG businessman is suing CX for about $350,000, alleging that his 12 yr. old son, travelling as a UM, was not met at an Indian airport by a CX staffer - as required - but by a stranger who took the boy away.

Vacationers, Failed Asylum Seekers Make For Uncomfortable Mix

The U.K. finds itself in the position of having to deport failed asylum seekers on popular vacation travel routes, and as a recent incident reveals, it’s not always a comfortable mix.

What’s In The Bag? A Gun… And A Dog

A man was arrested at BWI after a loaded handgun was discovered in his carry-on bag by security officials. But it wasn't the only thing he tried to sneak past TSA agents.

Tourists Or Terrorists: Is Majorca Being Overrun?

Tourists in the Majorcan capital Palma have been branded 'terrorists' by some vocal locals who claim the island has been overrun with visitors this summer.

Flight Diverted After Pax Served ‘12-14’ Small Bottles Of Wine

There’s bad behaviour and there’s feeding in to bad behaviour. Questions are being raised after a BA flight diverted due to a drunk pax. Eyewitnesses say the man consumed 12-14 small bottles of wine and a vodka shot in 3.5 hours – all served to him by cabin crew.

Belize Hoteliers Describe Proposed Standard Changes As “Insane”

It looks like a case of bureaucrats running amok. Proposed changes to the Belize Tourism Board’s hotel classification system are being described by hoteliers as way over the top.

CA Slammed For ‘Blatantly Racist’ LON Travel Advice

Text in a CA inflight magazine has U.K. MPs steaming. The offensive material was contained in a piece offering tips for LON visitors. It warned pax that “precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people.”

A Sheep’s Eye View Of The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands do not enjoy prominence as a tourist destination. Even Google Street View ignored them. But when a tourism promoter came up with the idea to offer potential visitors a sheep’s eye view, things got interesting.

Video Shows Carnival Vista Wake Destroying Italian Pier

Wake from the newest and largest ship in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet wrecked a pier full of boats as the ship sailed out of the Italian port of Messina – and the whole scene was captured on dramatic video.

Definition Of Optimism: Syria Launches Tourism Campaign

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The Syrian Ministry of Tourism has launched a promotional video showing vacationers jet-skiing and sunbathing on its beaches. The film features the slogan: ‘Syria - Always Beautiful.’

Quebec Women Documented Dream Trip On Instagram – Before The Bust

Wasn’t that a party! Until it wasn’t. The trip of a lifetime for a couple of Quebec women and a male companion turned into the drug bust of a lifetime for Australian border police.

Toddler’s Throw-Up Creates Tough Situation For AA Pax

When a toddler spit-up all over Mom’s shirt, Dad gave her his. But attendants told Dad he couldn’t go shirtless, and advised Mom to put the vomit-soaked top back on.