The Secret Swedish Treehouse Hotel

For many kids, a secret treehouse - however rustic and simple - was the ultimate hideaway from the adult world. And since we never really stop being kids inside, a treehouse hotel in Sweden is attracting lots of attention.

Dapper Emotional Support Duck Thrills Airline Pax

Dressed in a pair of red shoes, a Captain America shirt and a diaper, a 4 yr. Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt was the centre of attention as it boarded the aircraft to fly from CLT to AVL.

Couple Forgets Baby In Rental Car

Rushing to catch a flight is stressful stuff. For one couple, it was so nerve-wracking they forgot they should be carrying a baby in addition to their luggage and passports. Their bundle of joy was left behind in the rental car.

Giving A Whole New Meaning To Cockpit

The outmoded “Coffee, tea or me?” sexist portrayal of stewardesses has been resurrected with aplomb by an HV flight attendant who has apparently made good use of the cockpit on many occasions – not for coffee. Or tea.

NBA Player Angers Entire Country By Signing Great Wall Of China

The Houston Rockets Bobby Brown has demonstrated why you should never inscribe your name on any landmark. He is being investigated by Chinese authorities and the incident has sparked an angry backlash throughout China.

Is That A Snake In 32B Or A Legless Lizard?

If you’re ever in a pickle on a plane wondering if the thing slithering down the aisle is a snake – get close enough to see if it has eyelids. If it does, according to GA you can breathe easy, it’s just a legless lizard. Phew.

Fake U.K. Agent Bags 8 Free Cruises From NCL

A retired nurse who wanted to take revenge on Norwegian for the way she was treated on a previous cruise, managed to book and sail in penthouse state rooms on 8 different cruises – for free – by pretending to be a travel agent. Even real travel agents don’t know how to do that!

AS Tosses Passenger For Catcalling Flight Attendant

AS removed a man from a plane after he heckled a female flight attendant, calling out "Sexy!" as she demonstrated how to use a life vest.

Dutch Tourist Jailed In Burma For Pulling Plug On Sermon

Next time he might want to travel with noise-cancelling headphones – or just put a pillow over his head. A Dutch was sentenced to 3 mo. imprisonment with hard labour in Burma for literally pulling the plug on a loud, late night Buddhist sermon.

Passenger Burned By E-Cigarette Is Suing Airline

A passenger who burned himself on an overheating e-cigarette device is suing DY for allowing him to charge it onboard the plane.

Lounging In A Deckchair As Hurricane Matthew Rages

A North Carolina man and his fiancée rode out Hurricane Matthew on top of an old Coast Guard light station more than 50 km off the Atlantic coast. By choice.

‘Baby Bigotry’ Or Blessed Peace? India’s 6E Adds Kid-Free Zones

Virtually all airlines these days offer pax options to personalize their travel experience, usually at an additional cost. But Indian budget carrier IndiGo is wading into more controversial territory by launching child-free zones on its aircraft.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Samsung

Samsung is again investigating the safety of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after reports a newly 'fixed' version of the device caught fire on an aircraft.

Bathroom With A View – Both Out & In

A new public washroom in China's Hunan province offers lovely forest views - so long as you don't mind giving others a view of yourself.

Well-Behaved Chinese Travellers Could Win A Trip

They’ve tried the stick. Now they’re giving the carrot a go. Ahead of the busy Golden Week national holiday, Chinese travellers are being urged to be on their best behaviour. Those who are could win a trip.

Burlesque Performer Feels Body-Shamed After B6 Asks For Cover Up

She doesn’t wear much in her professional life. Why should it be any different on a plane? Maggie McMuffin almost missed her B6 flight whyen a representative refused to let her board unless she changed her clothes.

Attendants Say New AA Uniforms Causing Hives & Headaches

AA launched new uniforms for its cabin crews 20SEP with great fanfare. Now the outfits are giving headaches to the world's largest carrier and hundreds of its employees. Real ones. And hives too.

Airport Security Finds Human Intestines In Checked Bag

You have to feel for airport screeners sometimes. People carry some pretty strange things in their baggage. But the woman discovered in Austria to have pieces of her dead husband’s intestines in her luggage was definitely pushing the envelope.

Paris Plans Official Park For Nudists

Nudists in Paris will soon be able to shed their clothes without fear of arrest, as city council members have approved plans for an official park where people can get down to basics.

Seatmates From Hell: From The Morbidly Obese To A Creepy Doll

Which is worse? Being seated next to someone so big that they spill into your seat or being assigned to a seat next to a creepy doll owned by a middle-aged man who purchased a ticket for his ‘companion.’