Famous Bahamian Swimming Pigs May Be A Thing Of The Past

It remains one of the stranger experiences for this Open Jaw correspondent. As our speedboat pulled into the shallows of a small cay in the Exumas of The Bahamas, a group of large pigs

BA To Baggage Handlers – Quit Peeing In The Cargo Holds

British Airways baggage handlers have reportedly been told to stop urinating in the cargo hold of planes, as the corrosive liquid is damaging the metal.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was ‘Racially Profiled’ At LHR

It’s time to shed a tear for publicity-loving Lindsay Lohan, who says she was "racially profiled" at LHR after flying in from Turkey while wearing a headscarf.

All Together Now – Let’s Sue An Airline!

Last week we told you the story of the brain surgeon who is suing OS after getting his pinkie finger stuck in his business class tray table...

Agent Completes Bookings With Contractions 5 Minutes Apart

For many home-based travel agents, the job is a labour of love.

The World’s Most Powerful Airline Brand? You’ll Never Guess

For decades it was the butt of jokes due to perceived lax safety standards and pilots who were known to imbibe, before and even during flights.

Rock Guitarist Derringer Charged With Carrying Gun On Flight

The aptly-named rock guitarist Rick Derringer has been charged with carrying a loaded gun on a flight.

WS Pilot Buys Pizza For Stranded AC Pax

A WS pilot is earning high praise after paying for pizza for passengers that were diverted while travelling to YYT -- on an AC flight.

Brain Surgeon Sues OS After Pinkie Gets Stuck In Tray Table

An Australian brain surgeon whose pinky finger was jammed in a plane’s fold-out tray table is suing over his resulting physical and psychological injuries.

CDN Picks For Most-Desired Celebrity Travel Companion Are A Snooze

How boring are we? In a Hotels.com survey in which Canadians were asked which celebrities they would most want to vacation with, the winners were...

Norway Aims To Slow Tourism After Frozen Success

When it comes to tourism, there can definitely be too much of a good thing.

Obama All Smiles As He Holidays With Richard Branson

Is President Donald Trump having fun? It’s hard to say. But former President Barack Obama is clearly having a blast...

RJ Has A Little Fun With Trump’s Travel Ban

President Donald Trump's ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries is getting a rough ride in the courts – and the court of public opinion

Sharp-Eyed Flight Attendant Rescued Girl From Human Trafficking

For anyone who still believes flight attendants are merely servers in the sky, this story is for you.

Woman Claims She Was Kicked Off Flight For Too Much Cleavage

Was a woman kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight because of excess cleavage?

Clients Say The Darndest Things – Bizarre Agent Requests

Answering questions is a key part of a travel agent’s job. But some questions are stranger than others.

Bricks Of Cocaine Found Up The Nose Of AA Bird

Cocaine and noses are often found together. But it’s a little unusual when cocaine – and plenty of it -- is found in the nose of a plane.

Hackers Demand Bitcoin After Hijacking Hotel’s Locks

The electronic key system of an Austrian hotel was compromised by hackers, forcing managers to pay a bitcoin ransom in order to recover it. Now the property is returning to the old-fashioned practice of traditional keys and locks.

Thai official Arrested For Art Theft At Kyoto Hotel

Let’s go over this again. You can take the little soaps and shampoos. You can’t take the towels. And you certainly can’t take the art off the walls of your hotel and stuff them in your suitcase.

JAL Has Gone To The Dogs – In A Good Way

Pet dogs and their humans departed together in the passenger cabin of a Boeing 737 from NRT recently ...