Stupid Tourist Tricks: Vacationer Rescued 3 Times In 4 Days

You again? A young woman holidaying in the English coastal destination of Cornwall has received a “comprehensive safety briefing” after being rescued by the same lifeboat crew 3 times in 4 days last week.

NZ ‘Shocked & Appalled’ By Flight Crew Social Media Posts

Oversharing. Too much information. NZ’s management is apologizing for social media posts made by members of its flight crew that include a pilot posing with an inflatable sex doll and a flight attendant musing about spitting on pax.

1,500 Americans Floated To Canada – But They Weren’t Refugees

No, the election hasn’t happened. The 1,500 Americans who unexpectedly ended up in Canada Sunday were blown here by Mother Nature, not by the ill winds emanating from U.S. politics.

Trouble Sleeping On Planes? You Need A Nod Pod

A new product claims it will revolutionize the way people sleep on planes by acting like a hammock for your head.

Party Is Over For TCook Employee Who Stole Tens Of Thousands

A former Thomas Cook business assistant was sentenced to 5 years for stealing £37,000 from the company and £26,000 from a previous employer.

Brain-Eating Amoeba Spurs ‘Difficult Decision’ To Close Aussie Lake

The discovery of a brain-eating amoeba in a lake in Australia’s Hunter Valley forced the immediate and permanent closure to the public – a major blow to the local tourism industry.

UK Zoo Offers Free Admission To Red-Haired Visitors

An English zoo is waiving its entrance fee to visitors with red hair this Friday but it’s not in celebration of redheads. No, the ‘gingers’ will receive free admission in honour of World Orangutan Day.

Cannes Says Beachwear Must Respect “Good Morals”

Cannes has issued an ordinance forbidding beachwear that doesn't respect "good morals and secularism." Has the itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikini been banned?

Monkey Business Causes Stir On F9 Flight

Officials at F9 called police to meet a flight after a small monkey was discovered in the cabin. The owner claimed the marmoset, known as ‘Gizmo the finger monkey’, is an emotional support animal.

Passport Loss Results In Solo Honeymoon

An Indian photographer is enjoying a fabulous Italian honeymoon – but he’s missing his honey. That's because just 2 days before Faizan Patel and his wife Sana were supposed to leave she realized she had lost her passport. The time was too short to get a replacement.

TSA To Superhero Wannabes: No Batarangs On Flights Please!

The TSA is reminding Batman enthusiasts to check their batarangs when they fly. They should do the same with their grapple guns, bat-saws, collapsible bat-swords and other utility belt items.

SeaWorld Dolphin Snatches iPad From Unwary Tourist

A visitor to SeaWorld Orlando learned the hard way to keep valuables away from the touch tank. Video caught by another park-goer shows a dolphin reaching up and out of a swim tank and snagging a woman's iPad right out of her hands.

Chinese Tourist In Germany Spends Week In Refugee Camp

It wasn’t the holiday he had in mind. A visitor from China, whose wallet was stolen during a tour of Europe, ended up spending a week at a German refugee camp, after mistakenly filing an asylum application instead of a police report.

Dutch Man Waits For Love At Chinese Airport For 10 Days

It’s a love story. It’s a sad story. A Dutch man spent 10 days at an airport waiting for a woman he met on the internet but ended up hospitalized after the stay took a toll on his health.

Dead Man Flying: MT Apologizes After Bizarre Refund Battle MT

When an airline says a pax was on one of its flights while the passenger’s family says he was lying dead in the morgue at the time, one of them is certainly wrong.

Drugs & Booze In South Asia Aviation

At least a dozen PK staff have been busted after 6 kg of heroin was discovered in the lav of a DXB bound aircraft. Meanwhile in India, regulators say 62 pilots have been suspended in the past 6 months, nearly 1/2 for failing breathalyzer tests.

Man Leaves Clothes In Czech Pub As He Goes To Get Cash

He couldn’t pay his bar bill, so he headed off to an ATM leaving all of his clothes as collateral – with the exception of a pair of black socks.

$44K Fine For Man After Violent Inflight Yoga Incident

A Korean tourist who was arrested after he became violent when he wasn't allowed to do yoga on a plane won't get additional jail time, but he must pay UA restitution of more than $44,000.

Tourist Spends Night Trapped In Milan’s Duomo

An American tourist had an unexpected sleepover on the spired roof of Milan’s historic Duomo cathedral this week. He was apparently using the bathroom during security’s final pass, and was subsequently locked in for the night.

Disney Files Patent To Track Guests By Scanning Their Feet

Disney has been granted a patent for a shoe recognition system, which would inconspicuously track guests’ feet around its theme parks gathering info on the popularity of rides, stores and shows.