Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Hear Me Roar

For those of us born sans-penis, dahrlings, the lack of a member tends to limit membership. It's not news down in the estrogen pit that in the upper echelons of business, the rooster rules.

But, lo, what is that, Pumpkins? A crack in the mirrored ceiling? Has a hen slipped into the pen?

We all know Transat's Jean-Marc is a maverick. An outlier. A rock'em, sock' em no holds barred lover... um.. leader. This man among men has invited a woman to join the club. Holy Virginia, Pumpkins! Cool as cuke Annick Guerard has been named COO of Transat.

Well drop my pants and call me sparky! Is a woman being groomed to take over the reins? I did not see that coming, Pumpkins. Because, on Transat's corporate page, she is surrounded by some pretty impressive looking men with nice titles. In fact, she is the only female in senior management. You go, girl! No boys allowed at the top! Ha! Pffft! 

The only downside to this new position is a potential change in my customary relations with the head. God knows my talents used to lay on both sides of the gender divide, but I fear I’m a little rusty.

Never mind, dahrlings. Time to strap on some humility and hope I eventually make it on merit alone. 

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