Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Pass The Pot

The airline business is littered with tales of woe – as we all know – but none I would qualify quite so pathetic as Jetlines' attempt to fly.

The entry requirement for launching a new airline used to call for tall tales of chest thumping money raising with fat backers. Easy millions, dahrlings, popped over steaks and cigars served by large breasts. My, weren't those the days…

The raising of David Solloway's Jetlines is in rather a limp state to date. This poor little runt is reduced to raiding the neighbour's cookie jar and begging his family for handouts. He has high hopes of collecting $3 million by spring – just a few shekels short of the $50 million needed to launch.

Really, dahrling, there is no point in fumbling about the cockpit if the money is soft. Not only do you create false expectations, frankly, I get a rash from irresponsible airline starts.

If you can't capitalize your venture enough to buy planes, how can you expect us to sell it when you do finally get it up? What happens when there's a tough season … or, in your impecunious circumstances, a tough week? The last thing the industry needs is another black eye from a bright eyed underperformer.

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