DL Adds $75 Europe 1st Bag Fee: Will AC & WS Follow?


DL’s new $75 economy class bag fee on Europe flights enables a revenue boost while advertised fares stay the same.

Delta Air Lines is imposing a $75 fee for the 1st checked bag for economy class pax on flights to Europe and North Africa from Canada and the U.S. Canadian aviation analyst Robert Kokonis believes AC and WS will follow suit.



sam - December 11, 2017 @ 14:11
getting a little steep. what happens if you make a stop in destination for a few days --another fee----people complain now those who take on more carryon baggage to avoid the baggage fees especially when travelling with a family
clients complain baggage above is packed solid always have to go back rows to get theirs in....many complain now about the fees even at 50.00 return-sounds like travelling is becoming more for the wealthy clients as they will pay whatever to go and with increases does not impact their travel plans

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