UNWTO Chief Says U.S., UK ‘The Losers’ On Travel Policy TravelWeeklyUK
UA PR Story Shows How The Rules Have Changed EyeForTravel
Paris On Alert After Terror Attack Kills Policeman TravelMole
Despite Violent Incidents, Travellers Flocking To CUN, Maya CaribbeanNewsDigital
Weakest Link: Low-Paid Employees Can Create Expensive Problems TravelersUnited
New Zealand Braces For “Worst Storm In A Generation” TravelWeeklyUK
Canada’s Decision: No Electronics Ban On Flights GlobeandMail
Egypt Declares 3-Month State Of Emergency ETN.travel
Warm Water Puts Great Barrier Reef In “Terminal” Condition TravelMole
Electronics Ban: Who’s Right? U.S./UK Or The EU TravellersUnited
UN Development Program: “Zika Is Not Last Year’s Problem” TravelMole
U.S. Man Charged After ‘Mock’ Bomb Found In Bag At YYZ GlobeandMail
U.S. Says Laptop Ban Could Expand USAToday
Clients Travelling Overseas? Ask About Measles Vaccinations GlobeandMail
How Airlines Are Working Around The Electronics Ban GlobalNews
Australia: No E-Ban, But Extra Screening On UAE, Qatar Flights ATW
Former CIA Boss Calls Travel Ban “Simplistic & Wrong-Headed” Guardian
ABTA Calls For Visa-Free Travel To Europe Post-Brexit Reuters
Expedia Boss Says Travellers Turning Away From U.S. BuyingBusinessTravel
“No Wall:” UNWTO”s Rifai Electrifies Tianguis TravelWeekly
Explosion Rocks St. Petersburg Metro CBC
‘America First’ Not A Good Enticement For Visitors Salon
More Mexicans Flying To Canada, Fewer To U.S. USAToday
Gulf Carriers Seek Ways To Ease Laptop Ban Pain Tnooz
North Carolina Partly Repeals Bathroom Bill Time
“Unwelcome Mat” Could Cost U.S. Billions In Tourism Dollars USAToday
Fresh Court Setback For Trump’s Travel Ban AP
IATA On Electronics Ban: “We Must Find A Better Way” Open JawOJ
NC’s Bathroom Bill Will Cost $3.7 Billion In Lost Tourism, Investment AP
Virtuoso Agents Find Travellers Hesitant To Visit U.S. TravelWeekly
Experts Puzzled As Canada “Still Studying” U.S., UK Electronics Ban CBC
Branson Says Brexit Already Causing ‘Severe Damage’ To Travel TravelWeeklyUK
UAE Regulator Calls U.S. Electronics Ban “Surprising” ATW
Report Says Plot To Put Explosives In iPad Spurred Electronics Ban Guardian
Opinion: Western Cities Will Always Be Vulnerable To Lone-Wolf Attacks eGlobalTravelMedia
Agents Act As ‘Therapists’ For Travellers Anxious About Terror AP
LON Mayor: “Our City Remains One Of The Safest In The World” AP
For Some, Travel Ban Is An Incentive To Visit U.S. TravelWeekly
Canada’s Largest School Board To Stop Booking Trips To U.S. TorontoStar
UK Tourism Anxious Over Impact Of Terror Attack TravelWeeklyUK
LON Mayor Reassures Visitors After Attack TravelMole
Germany Says It Has No Plans To Restrict Devices On Planes ETN.travel
Experts Say Electronics Ban Endangers Pax For Profit Guardian
U.S. Officials: Electronics Ban Not Prompted By New Threat NBC
There’s More News About Zika & It Isn’t Good TravelersUnited
U.S. Bans Devices Larger Than Cellphone On Flights From 13 Countries Guardian
What Trump Effect? Canadian Visitors To U.S. Surge In JAN CBC
10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Too Dangerous To Visit USAToday
Belgium, France & Turkey Take Tourism Hit From Terror TravelWeekly
Hawaii Judges Refuses To Narrow Travel Ban Injunction Politico

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