deviations 15.02.19

A Single Person’s Nightmare – Being Stuck On A Plane With All-Couple Cabin Crew

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw
If you’re ever felt bad about being single on Valentine’s Day on

virtual presentation 12.02.19

Royal Caribbean Celebrating 50 Years

Royal Caribbean Celebrating 50 Years
Take a Virtual Tour of Symphony of the Seas! to watch

the pink couch 12.02.19

Defining Luxury Through Personalization

With Carmen Corvos-Roig
Senior VP, Marketing and Sales, Crystal to watch

on the town 15.02.19

WestJet Shows Off Its First Dreamliner At YYC

with Bruce Parkinson
Key members of the travel trade and consumer and trade media took a on

travel blog 08.02.19

Excellence Oyster Bay

Excellence Oyster Bay’s Beach Villas, currently under construction, went on sale on

biting questions 05.02.19

with Kelly Klassen, TPI, Rosthern, Sask.

This TPI pro manages a very successful career on

cartoon 14.02.19

Tina The Travel Agent

More Cartoons

virtual presentation 31.01.19

ACTA Survey: What's In A Name?

Is it time to re-evaluate the title "Travel Agent"?
How do you describe your career when asked ‘What do you do?’ to watch

ivanna gabbalot 09.01.19

Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

What’s Japan Got To Do With It?
For decades, Pumpkins, we dealt with all manner of on

on the town 12.02.19

Hong Kong, A Multi-Experience Destination

With Anna Kroupina
Record of 65.1 million people visited Hong Kong last on