Carlson Wagonlit & Trade Partners In The House

Our hostess Una O’Leary and our ceremonial piper raise the traditional glass of scotch to officially toast the start of the bonspiel

Enthusiastic curler Denise Harper, G. Adventures with Meg Murgatroyd, CWT; Patrice Geske & Kim Clarke (with her back to the camera) and OJ’s Suzanne Christie


The winning rink of Stephen Outerbridge, CWT Harvey’s Travel; Sherry Saunders, CWT & Stephen Goulding, WestJet



Carlson Wagonlit Travel North American Leisure Supplier Management & Leadership team recently hosted their industry partners to their 1st annual bonspiel at the Scarboro Golf & Country Club.

Everyone slipped, slid and displayed unique styles of sweeping as the rocks skittered hither and thither on the sheets of ice despite the expert guidance provided by the club pro and several of his brave club cohorts. But, curling experience is not a requirement to have a great time at the rink and despite some quite spectacular spills, no medical attention was required.


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