WestJet's Yehudi Altman, Director Of Product, Retires




WestJet has announced that its Director of Product, Yehudi Altman, is retiring.

His protégé at WestJet Vacations, Shannon Cunningham, wanted to shed some light on his impressive career and the legacy he leaves behind.

“Yehudi has a passion for travel and people that began in his teens, working summer jobs at hotels in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec and Atlantic City, New Jersey. He also travelled through Europe and spent time in Guatemala, where he studied Spanish. Travelling the world and learning a 2nd language held the key to entering the travel business.

Yehudi’s career in travel began in the early 80’s at Fiesta Wayfarer, a Canadian travel wholesaler. There, he worked as a destination representative, spending the winter in Mazatlán, México. He then took on the role of product buyer for destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, California, Cuba and the Caribbean.

Yehudi became a subject matter expert in his field. He offered product expertise for the likes of Canada’s 3000 Holidays as Vice-President, Product; and as Director, Product Development, for Discover Wholesale Travel, Orange County, California and Bookit.com, Florida. All the while, his product skills rounded out to include Cancun, Costa Rica, Cuba, Canada, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Europe and the South Pacific.

Those who know Yehudi know that a deal can be made on a gentleman’s handshake, which is worth its weight in gold. Yehudi’s business style holds a high standard of ethics, a respect for business and he truly believes that people and partnerships mean everything. He genuinely cares about our partners, our business and our guests.

It has been a pleasure having Yehudi at the helm of WestJet Vacations product for the past 7 years. He has opened doors and put us on the map as one of Canada’s respected tour operators. It was an honour to have Yehudi attend his 30th consecutive Tiangus event as Director of Product, WestJet Vacations. At Fiesta Amigos, Mazatlan he was also presented with the “Keys to the City of Mazatlan” - fitting since this is where his storied career began.

In true Yehudi fashion, he has generously shared his expertise and contributed to the growth and success of WestJet Vacations along with many talented and committed WestJetters. He has set the bar high by always offering a remarkable experience to our guests along the way. He is in a class of his own, a true gentleman and consummate professional. He will be missed, but his legacy here is the invaluable knowledge and experience he has shared with us all.”


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