Travel Masters welcomes Jodi Emeny-Smith, Heather Stuart and Constance Leung

Travel Masters added three new Support members in the first quarter of 2015, creating their largest Support Team to date. Jodi Emeny-Smith, Heather Stuart and Constance Leung are all part of a 10-person Support Team, supporting agents and franchise partners.

Jodi Emeny-Smith will be taking on the role of Director of Finance and Administration. She will be working closely together with the Finance and Accounting department to streamline and facilitate the processes in these areas.

Heather Stuart joins as a Product and Support Manager with a strong focus on support and education. She was previously a Product Development Manager with Flight Centre and most recently, a Regional Manager with Scotia Inspire Travel.

Constance Leung is Travel Masters' new Administrative Assistant in the Finance and Administration department. She is working on a part-time basis to help with many of the administrative and accounting functions.

Photo: (L-R) Constance Leung, Heather Stuart, Jodi Emeny-Smith

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