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Mother’s Day Follow-Up: Why The Christie Kids DON’T Work For Mom

Open Jaw's mother's day series garnered plenty of positive attention and highlighted some very successful mother/daughter and mother/son industry relationships – which raised the question with some of our viewers... why don't any of Suzanne Christie's 3 offspring still work for their Mom at Open Jaw?

Taylor and Jill were both employed by Open Jaw for brief time frames in sales roles and to help with Winterboob. Taylor also covered events and wrote 'On the Towns' for the site. Brett Christie provided as-needed office assistance, often during the relationship-testing stress of preparing for and cleaning up from WinterBoob.

Jill Christie apparently speaks for both of her siblings regarding her decision to seek employment without blood ties.

“Although I enjoyed my time as an employee of Open Jaw, I ultimately decided that it would be best to keep our relationship as mother/daughter vs. boss/employee. There were no major meltdowns of dramatic scenes, but I felt I needed to get out into the world and work for a real boss rather than a mom boss."

Taylor and Brett chimed in with their wholehearted agreement: “My god, I could've written the exact same thing," Taylor said.

“SAME!!!!" wrote Brett. Add something in about WinterBoob silent auction candy bra organization and you've got my statement!"

Jill softened her comments by adding: “I always felt that I could return to Open Jaw if the time was right and if I felt I could add value to the business."

But then she travelled with Mom Suzanne as a filming and social media assistant for the recent christening of Uniworld's S.S. Maria Theresa . During the trip, she surreptitiously filmed Suzanne in full ' momster boss' flight. According to Suzanne: “This pretty much sums up why she isn't working for me anymore."

A family dynasty does not appear to be in the works, but there are no hard feelings on either side: “Love you all – even though you won't work with me," says Suzanne.

“Love you," replies Jill. “I'll clean up your storage closet at Open Jaw any day."

They don't work together but they play together

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