Efficient ACTA AGM Held On May 12th

David McCaig & outgoing ACTA Chair Rob Durant

ACTA's 2015 Annual General Meeting was held in Mississauga on May 12th. Minus ACTA staff, lawyers and accountants, there were about 25 members in attendance.

Nonetheless, ACTA still holds the respect of voting members who support the organization and its work. Rob Durant, outgoing Chair of ACTA, is one such devotee who worked tirelessly over the last year to up level the professionalism of the association.

Following an uncontested election of the Directors of the Corporation, the floor was open to questions. An expectation had been created that there would be a contentious discussion of a sponsorship scandal – whereby ACTA would be questioned on potential conflict of interests in accepting ad dollars from suppliers. The room was silent and within a record 30 minutes, the AGM was over.

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