Goway Helps Koala Clancy Foundation Reach Target To Assist Koala Population

Goway Travel was among the donors helping meet an emergency initial target of $2,700 to help the Koala Clancy Foundation cover rescue bills and help the You Yang region enjoy a conservation ‘safety net’.

Organised by the Koala Clancy Foundation, The Clancy Safety Net, named for the Foundation’s star marsupial, Koala Clancy has been under the watchful eye of Echidna Walkabout Wildlife Guides & Researchers since he was born. But a life-threatening injury hospitalised Clancy in January, and the costs of safe capture, vet bills and resettlement led the Koala Clancy Foundation to recognise the need for a safety net to assist the region’s threatened koalas in the future.

Since the call went out, the generous response from donors has exceeded expectations. With Clancy’s rescue bills covered, the extra funds will go into tree planting projects in the rivers and creeks around the You Yangs, ensuring the future koala population enjoys a safe haven well into the future, particularly in the hotter months.

Located in a mountainous area just outside Melbourne, the You Yangs are well known for their wild koala population and abundant eucalyptus forests. They are also a popular spot for tourists and day trippers hoping to spot Australia’s cutest native icon in the wild. However, the region is susceptible to Victoria’s hot, dry summers, which can make water scarce, and fuel fearsome bushfires.

At time of writing, over $3350 had been donated to the Give Koala Clancy a Safety Net crowdfunding campaign, which continues until January 13th. The campaign, along with more information about Clancy, the You Yangs and the Koala Clancy Foundation, can be found at the crowdfunding page hosted on Chuffed.

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