WestJet's 767s Begins Non-Stop Hawaii Service

WestJet is celebrating the carrier’s 1st flight from Alberta to Hawaii on its own Boeing 767-300 extended-range aircraft. Prior to this, WestJet had been leasing aircraft for its flights to the Hawaiian Islands.

"As we enter our 20th anniversary year, non-stop service from Alberta to Hawaii onboard our own wide-body aircraft is an exciting new chapter in the WestJet success story," said Bob Cummings, WestJet Executive Vice President, Commercial. "Albertans love non-stop WestJet service to Hawaii and we now have the opportunity to provide a full WestJet experience with our own Boeing 767-300 aircraft combined with our award-winning WestJetters."

WestJet took delivery of its 1st Boeing 767-300 on August 27th and has been flying the aircraft between Calgary and Toronto in order to obtain Extended-range Twin-engine Operation (ETOPS) certification. This certification allows the aircraft to be operated for extended distances over water and is required for WestJet's service to Hawaii and to LGW, which commences service in May 2016. 

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