WestJet’s Encore Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

WestJet’s regional airline, WestJet Encore, celebrated its 3rd anniversary 24JUN having recently carried its 6 millionth passenger.

"We've had a dramatic impact on the new markets we've served since our launch three years ago," said Ferio Pugliese, WestJet Encore President. "New WestJet Encore airports experience a 50% increase in traffic on average, with some airports experiencing triple-digit percentage growth. Average fares in these same markets have fallen 20 to 40%, year-over-year. We've created an entirely new set of air travellers who may not have had the opportunity to fly before due to limited options and high fares. We're extremely proud of the accomplishments and hard work of more than a thousand WestJetters who've helped make WestJet Encore a success."

WestJet Encore launched 24JUN13 with just 2 Bombardier Q400 aircraft. The day of the launch, Encore had 10 departures offering non-stop service between Calgary & Nanaimo; Calgary & Fort St. John; Vancouver & Fort St. John and Calgary & Saskatoon. WestJet Encore now operates 188 flights to 32 destinations.

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