TS Achieves Top Certification For Recycling Program

TS has once again achieved the highest level of certification, Level 3 – Performance , from ICI ON RECYCLE!, the official Government of Quebec recognition program acknowledging outstanding efforts to responsibly manage waste materials. Air Transat was first awarded Level 3 certification in 2011. 

TS has been acknowledged again due to the strength of its well-established waste and hazardous materials management programs, as well as a recently introduced organics collection program. Some 72% of all categories of waste at TS’s head office are now diverted from traditional landfills.

“We have been making continuous efforts for several years now to improve our environmental management program and reduce our footprint,” said Jean-François Lemay, President & General Manager, Air Transat. “Those efforts have clearly paid off, as they have enabled us to maintain our superior performance rating. I salute all of our employees for their commitment to and pride in Air Transat’s corporate responsibility initiatives, especially when it comes to environmental stewardship.”

The carrier’s corporate responsibility initiatives include a stringent fuel management program, aircraft weight reduction efforts, as well as flight plan and ground operations optimization; a solar wall built on the hanger adjoining the head office; replacement of all fluorescent and incandescent lighting with LEDs and installation of electric-vehicle charging stations. 

Photo credit: René Paquette

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