WestJet Welcomes Top Producers To The DR

Una O’Leary, CWT Senior Director of Marketing & Supplier Management; Lyell Farquharson,
WestJet VP of Sales & Distribution;
Lindsay Pearlman, Ensemble Travel Group Co-President; Tim Morgan, TPI Vice President.

WestJet welcomed 25 of its top-producing agencies along with their guests to a key client event at Secrets Cap Cana in the DR recently. Among the key topics was WestJet’s continued focus on the travel agent and agency trade support, leisure travel with an emphasis on increasing relevancy to business travellers, and their continued international expansion.

Tim Croyle, WestJet Vacations Vice President & General Manager; Tim Paul, WestJet Sales Planning Manager;
Tim Morgan, TPI Vice President.

Una O’Leary, CWT; Jane Clementino, WestJet Director of Agency Sales; Tim Morgan, TPI; Sherry Scott, HRG Worldwide
Vice President of Government Affairs.

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