Air Transat Expands Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina Offerings

Chef Daniel Vézina

Starting in May, Air Transat is offering two new meals as part of the airline’s Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina.

Available to pre-order now, the new meals include pork filet mignon with Quebec blueberries and chicken cordon bleu garnished with smoked meat. All of the summer menu items, including two vegetarian choices, will be served starting 01MAY to all Club Class passengers and will be available for purchase in Economy Class.

“The addition of Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina on Air Transat flights has had quite a positive influence on our clientele’s satisfaction and on the quality of their on-board experience, particularly for our Club Class passengers,” said Jean-François Lemay, President-General Manager of Air Transat. 

“It’s quite stimulating for a chef to constantly renew himself while working with the specific constraints of the airline industry, without compromising standards and quality,” said Daniel Vézina.

Chicken cordon bleu garnished with smoked meat

Pork filet mignon with Quebec blueberries 

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