FAM Follies

Touring The Islands Of Tahiti & Mo'orea with Tahiti Tourisme

Guests of the Intercontinental Mo'orea and local residents are invited to attend
weekly theme nights where traditional dance and music are performed. 

Te Mana O Te Moana is a non-profit foundation dedicated to public awareness of
marine life protection in French Polynesia. Located on the grounds of the Intercontinental Mo'orea,
workshops and education programs are available to guests of the resort as well as the local population. 

Overwater bungalows were introduced by the Europeans that came to French Polynesia.
Original inhabitants lived inland to access fresh water from rivers and pools. 

Friendly smiles and melodic music is everywhere on the Islands of Tahiti. 

Teva and Joanna from Temoana Tours will take good care of you while visiting
the sharks and rays during a tour of the bays around Mo'orea. 


The  comfortable and intimate bungalows at Hotel Hibiscus offer a taste of island
living and is a cozy alternative to larger resort accommodations.

Belvedere Lookout on Mo'orea offers a panoramic view across the northern half of the island.
See Cook’s Bay on the right and Opunohu Bay on the left. 

Opunohu Bay is surrounded by towering peeks and untouched natural. 

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