Trav Corp CEO Signs Declaration Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

Brett Tollman and WTTC members on stage for the Buenos Aires Travel & Tourism Declaration on Illegal Trade in Wildlife

To mark Endangered Species Day on 18MAY, the TreadRight Foundation celebrated The Travel Corporation’s recent signing of the ‘Buenos Aires Declaration on Travel & Tourism and Illegal Wildlife Trade’ at the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Global Summit in Buenos Aires; a declaration that provides a framework for the travel & tourism sector to co-ordinate and consolidate actions to address the challenges presented by the illegal wildlife trade.

“It is a privilege for our organization to be among the first to sign such an important initiative,” said Brett Tollman, TTC Chief Executive and TreadRight Co-Founder, who was in attendance at the WTTC Global Summit to sign the declaration. “The ‘Buenos Aires Declaration on Travel & Tourism and Illegal Wildlife Trade’ has been particularly encouraging to TTC and TreadRight as it identifies specific actions that the sector can take to address the challenge presented by the illegal wildlife trade, taking the important step of establishing a framework on which the industry can build viable long-term solutions towards ending wildlife crime.”

Here is a video from the WTTC about the global fight against the illegal wildlife trade:

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