TS Thanks Its Flight Attendants

Today (31MAY) being International Flight Attendant Day, Air Transatis acknowledging “the importance of these frontline employees and to highlighting the excellence of the company’s approximately 2,000 flight attendants and flight directors.”

“Being a flight attendant means not only seeing to customers’ comfort and establishing a special and reassuring contact with them, it’s first and foremost about ensuring their safety,” said Air Transat president Jean-François Lemay. “I feel very strongly about emphasizing that flight attendants are safety professionals, trained to react in any situation, normal or otherwise. And so on this very special day, I want to recognize their valuable contribution to the Air Transat inflight experience and to thank them for accompanying our passengers as they start or end their holidays.”

In its latest ad campaign, Air Transat has been highlighting the expertise of its employees, including its flight attendants, through a variety of videos in which selected employees “share their passion and expertise for specific destinations.” This includes Marie-Eve, a TS flight attendant, who takes viewers through the streets of Lisbon. Watch below. 

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