UNIGLOBE Recognizes Top Consultants In Annual Celebration

Annette Frey from UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel in Saskatoon

UNIGLOBE Western Canada marked its appreciation for its top travel consultants last week with its ‘UNIGLOBE Western Canada Counsellor Excellence Day’ celebration.


Each year UNIGLOBE Western Canada dedicates a day to celebrate its leading Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level travel consultants and marks the occasion with certificate presentations, a special video announcement and a range of special agency events, such as Champagne breakfasts.

“Dedicating a day to recognize the hard work of our travel consultants is important to us at UNIGLOBE Western Canada,” explained Hank Oostveen, vice president supplier & agency relations, UNIGLOBE Travel Western Canada. “After all, it’s their enthusiasm and expertise that has driven us to become the leading provider of travel management services in Western Canada.”


This year’s Platinum Circle inductees are:


  • Elicia Jump, UNIGLOBE LGI Travel, Edmonton, AB
  • Michelle Alvaro, UNIGLOBE LGI Travel, Edmonton, AB
  • Diana Di Leta, UNIGLOBE Sunburst Travel, Prince George, BC
  • Lama Zaystoff, UNIGLOBE Specialty Travel, Vancouver, BC
  • Joanne Pidwerbetsky, UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel, Saskatoon, SK
  • Stephanie Afseth, UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel, Saskatoon, SK
  •  Annette Frey, UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel, Saskatoon, SK
  •  Michelle Shaw, UNIGLOBE LGI Travel, Regina, SK

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