TDC Hosts ‘Award of Excellence’ Trip For Top-Selling Agencies

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) recognized its top-selling agencies earlier this month with a trip to Croatia hosted by a team of Transat executives.

The group was made up of 34 agency owners and their guests, along with their hosts: Joseph Adamo, president, TDC; Nathalie Boyer, general manager, TDC; Louise Fecteau, commercial director, Transat; Nicole Bursey, commercial director, Transat; Rita Polegri, national director, corporate, TDC; Danielle Durocher, national director, franchisees and affiliates, TDC; and Kimberley Wood, national director, franchisees and affiliates, TDC.

“It is important to reward and recognize this group of owners,” said Nathalie Boyer. “They made a significant contribution to the overall success of TDC and we were delighted to be able to celebrate with them in stunning Croatia this year.”

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