The Race Is On: Tina The Travel Agent @ The Air Canada Kissimmee Race

Day 3
Today’s Air Canada Race highlight was a fun-filled scavenger activity at Universal Orlando. The day began with a presentation by Universal’s Beth Fleeton at the Hard Rock hotel, one of six onsite hotels at the growing theme park. Not only was breakfast provided but so were rain ponchos! The weather can turn on a dime here in Kissimmee and boy did it ever – with heavy rain and winds for part of the day.

Each team leader was given a URL to use to access six questions for each of the ‘lands’ at Universal Orlando. Team Tina enjoyed the attraction rides along the way, including Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and one of her faves -- Toon Lagoon! 

The Scavenger Challenge winning team Mackenzie’s Angels was led by Simona from Air Canada. But Team Tina did great, finishing up third in that competition.

Team Tina:

(Left to right) Melissa Du Guay, CAA Manitoba, Kim Kieth,
Plus Travel Group Mississauga,  Gabrielle Verville-Felix, Club Voyage Boislard Poirier, 
Sandra Tompkins, Tier One Travel Calgary, 
Karen Dahdah, Open Jaw, Toronto. And Tina. There’s always Tina.

Vox International represents Experience Kissimmee in the Canadian market.
Pictured are Vox staffers Hannah Choat and Denise Graham. 

Usually found behind a desk, Tina is tiring from all the physical
exertions of the Air Canada Race.

Tina may have found some clandestine support from Boris and Natasha
as she seeks any possible leverage in the Air Canada Race. But there’s NO COLLUSION!

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