G Adventures Founder Honoured As 2018 AFAR ‘Travel Vanguard’

G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip was recently named a ‘Travel Vanguard’ for 2018 by AFAR Media, publisher of AFAR magazine and AFAR.com. The third annual awards recognize people who make a difference through travel, and in doing so, help to shape the future of the industry.


 “Social enterprise is a model that all of us in the travel industry should incorporate,” said Joe Diaz, AFAR co-founder and chief product officer. “The brands that will last are the ones that make people’s lives better. That is the essence of G Adventures. I saw firsthand how Bruce’s work with G Adventures and Planeterra Foundation does this when I travelled with them to Peru earlier this year. Their work lifts people up – literally helps lifts them out of poverty, to live decent and purposeful lives.”


“I thank AFAR for this award and for recognizing our 28 years of hard work; for believing how travel can be transformative and change lives. That’s what we believed at G Adventures years ago. We believed travel can be a force for good, if done right. It can create jobs. It can create well-being. It can empower,” said Poon Tip.


Earlier this year Poon Tip was also inducted into the British Travel & Hospitality Hall of Fame, a program that recognizes the highest achievers in the travel, hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors. Inductees to the Hall of Fame have not only achieved business success but have also mentored, inspired and shaped those around them.


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