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WS Unveils New Christmas Video

WestJet has unveiled its latest Christmas video, Uniting Through Traditions, that highlights global holiday traditions, alongside a Christmas Advent calendar that will run from 3-25DEC and will showcase WestJet’s Blue Santa’s daily discoveries from around the world.

Created over the course of a month, spanning 16 countries and six continents, Blue Santa travelled the globe to experience seasonal traditions and to spread holiday cheer. The video features a surprise reunion in London, England, including one between Halifax parents and their far away daughter, a Grande Prairie duo whose best friends live thousands of miles away, and a long-distance couple.

“The storytelling in WestJet's Advent Calendar and Uniting Through Traditions video underscores that being with the ones you love during the holidays is the greatest tradition of all," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet's vice president marketing communications. “Since our first Christmas Miracle in 2013, WestJet's tradition has been to celebrate and promote the Christmas spirit with our guests through our caring culture. This year we're thrilled to be able to take our Canadian spirit to the world through Blue Santa's travels, while bringing some of the world's spirit back home with us to share.”

Live until 31DEC, WestJet followers on Facebook and Twitter are encouraged to create their own reunions through WestJet's location finder. Participants can enter their location and the location of a loved one and WestJet will suggest a great place for them to reunite. By participating in the contest each guest will be entered to win round-trip economy airfare for two anywhere WestJet flies.


debbie marcotte - December 3, 2018 @ 11:28
My god I cry all the time...Amazing sTories as always Westjet Thank you
I would love to do this as well...Reunite with mysisters 1 in bc 1 in Australia..

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