Vision Travel Hosts Annual ‘POV’ Conferences

Vision Travel held its annual Power of Vision (POV) conferences in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver last month, where it bought together more than 600 travel industry professionals.

“POV2018 saw 3,988 matched appointments between Vision Travel advisors and preferred partners. This speaks to the importance of face-to-face meetings and developing strong relationships in travel,” said Stephen Smith, senior vice president, marketing & communications, Vision Travel, Canada West. “Whether it is for corporate or leisure, the personalized approach has been the key to our ongoing success.”

“POV is an important part of Vision Travel’s culture and this year’s conferences were particularly rewarding,” says Brian Robertson, president, Vision Travel, Canada West. “With so many new team members across the country, we wanted to bring as many people together as possible. Making these connections is really what this conference is about.”

The final Power of Vision conference will take place in Montreal on 19JAN, 2019.

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