Contiki, CDN Tourism College Team Up

Contiki has announced a partnership with the Canadian Tourism College (CTC) as it relates to their Travel and Tourism Diploma program. As part of the partnership, a one-week European adventure to London and Paris from Contiki will be introduced as part of CTC’s curriculum starting in APR. 

This new feature is designed so that students can gain first-hand experience in all aspects of the travel industry while seeing some of the most popular destinations in the world. As part of the Contiki adventure, students will be having dinner with Londoners in their homes and cooking alongside a European chef in Paris. They will be taken on a perfumery tour in Paris, visiting the world-renowned Palace of Versailles, and stay at Contiki’s own Chateau de Cruix – the travel company’s ‘Special Stay’. Students will also receive behind-the-scenes instruction from the Contiki team helping them understand how to design and operate trips for travellers.

Sheralyn Berry, president of Contiki Canada has been working with her staff together with Benjamin Colling, COO for Canadian Tourism College, for over a year to bring this program together and is thrilled that students will be given this opportunity. “This allows Contiki, the world’s leading youth travel company offering epic global adventures to 18-35-year-old’s, to invest in tomorrow’s travel leaders,” said Berry.

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