The DR Hosts Gastronomic & Cultural Festival In Ottawa

The Embassy and Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic recently held its annual Dominican Gastronomic & Culinary Festival in Ottawa to commemorate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the DR and Canada and celebrate the country's diverse gastronomy.

Running from 24-28FEB, the festival featured a variety of activities, starting with a culinary tasting event at Bistro Alegria, a Dominican restaurant in Ottawa, followed by a three-day culinary experience that was held at the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel that showcased all the flavours that the Dominican Republic has to offer. The festival also featured seminars that highlighted the various aspects of the destination, including presentations from hotels and tour operators, among others. The festival wrapped up with a Dominican Carnival night.

“The Dominican Republic has always been proud of their cuisine, but suddenly we are having a moment,” said Cosette Garcia, director of the DR Tourism Office in Montreal. “It seems like almost overnight the DR has become a hot foodie destination but in fact, it has been an evolution more than a revolution. For the past decade, local chefs, inspired by international influences, have been adapting traditional dishes to cater to modern tastes.  Many of the Dominican staple ingredients are now considered superfoods that have health benefits and promote longevity. Today, traditional dishes that would be served every day in every household have been reinvented; dishes made with pork, crab, fish and plantain are being discovered by a new generation of food fanatics posting their culinary adventures on social media.”


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