Virtuoso Awards "Ruby Of Siam" To Canadian Industry Veteran Stephanie Anevich

Before an audience of more than 500 of luxury travel advisors, Virtuoso awarded Toronto's Stephanie Anevich (former owner of Vision Travel Solutions) with the "Ruby of Siam."

The Ruby, given out every year during Virtuoso's annual Symposium, is awarded to those who embody the spirit of the network, uphold the highest professional standards and work selflessly to promote Virtuoso.

"I am deeply honored to join a long list of travel industry greats by accepting this award," says Anevich. "Ever since joining the Virtuoso network, I knew I was surrounded by extraordinary professionals and, most importantly, wonderful people."

The award goes back more than 30 years when, during the organization's 1987 Symposium in Bangkok, the network's travel agency members bestowed the inaugural "Ruby of Siam" upon Virtuoso Chairman and CEO Matthew Upchurch.

"Over the years, the ‘Ruby of Siam' award has become symbolic of ingenuity, perseverance, dedication and commitment," says Upchurch. "It has been awarded to some of the most iconic members of Virtuoso, honoring those who have made major contributions to this network. That is Stephanie Anevich to a tee. It was meaningful to me when I won this award 30 years ago, and I'm so happy to share it with someone as deserving as Stephanie."

The "Ruby of Siam" was awarded at the closing dinner of Virtuoso's 2019 Symposium, which took place 7-11MAY at Crown Towers in Melbourne, Australia.

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