The Toronto Caribbean Carnival Reveals The 2019 “Face” Of The Festival

Nadelle Lewis & Joel Davis, the winners of this year's Face of the Festival
by the Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival announced that Nadelle Lewis and Joel Davis were selected as the winners of the 2019 “Face of the Festival” contest.

The contest, now in its 10th year, ran from 1NOV, 2018 to 1FEB, 2019 and asked participants to submit a short essay describing why they wanted to be the 2019 "Face of the Festival," as well as the impact the Toronto Caribbean Carnival has had in their lives and community.

Lewis and Davis were selected by a unanimous vote by the Festival Management Committee.

Lewis started the #everyBODYplayamas movement to encourage full-figured men and women to "play mas" -- wear the elaborate costumes while dancing through the streets -- during carnival. The movement has broken down barriers to change public perception, while projecting a positive self image for all during the masquerade experience.

Davis, also known as "Connector", has been named Canada's Calypso Monarch by the Organization of Calypso Performing Artists. With a career spanning more than two decades, Davis released the hit single "Bump and Shake Yuh Bam Bam," which headlined many international carnivals.

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival Festival, celebrating its 52nd year, is a national celebration of freedom and diversity celebrating calypso music, body positivity, and embracing diversity in all forms.

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