Carnival's New Video Series Highlights Connections Between Guests & Crew

Kevin, a team waiter with Carnival, is the first to be featured in CCL's new "Crew Gratitude" series. Click here to view his story. 

Carnival Cruise Line is set to release a four-part video series called "Crew Gratitude" for travel advisors and their clients focusing on six crew members – from housekeeping staff to dining room waiters -- showing the impact that Carnival’s guests have made on their lives and families through gratuities.

The first video in the series is set for release 18JUL, with the following videos released throughout the month of AUG.

"I get so many questions from our guests and travel advisors asking about our Gratuities Program – what it is, who gratuities go to and why they matter," said Adolfo Perez, Senior VP of Global Sales and Trade Marketing. "When I sat down to chat with some of our onboard crew members, the impact gratuities have on their lives and the lives of their families was clear. That’s what we’re hoping to showcase through this ‘Crew Gratitude’ video series."

The videos aim to help travel advisors and their clients connect with shipboard crew members on a more personal level.

The video series will be promoted on Perez’ Facebook Page and GoCCL.com.

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