CTO Hosts Eastern Ontario Road Shows

Travel advisors in smaller centres are always glad to see suppliers make the effort to pay a visit, so the Caribbean Tourism Organization, led by Business Development Representative Nancy Drolet is on the road this week in Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston and Ottawa.

(Left to right) Sekou Stroude, Director of Sales, Canada, Grenada Tourism Authority; Shelley John, director of sales, Canada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Office; Racquel Queensborough, BDM, Jamaica Tourist Board; Jason Yearwood, Business Development Officer, Canada, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.; Deborah Gilharry-Arana, Senior Travel Trade Officer, Belize Tourism Board; Nancy Drolet, Business Development Representative, Caribbean Tourism Organization; Jerry Grymek, Canadian Representative, Grenada; Doreen Lynch, Director of Membership, ACTA.

Open Jaw’s Bruce Parkinson was on hand for the Peterborough event, where participants included Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada and ACTA. A solid group of local advisors came for dinner and updates from the representatives of some of Canada’s favourite sunny destinations.

Dominica representative Jerry Grymek offered agents a virtual reality tour of
the ‘Nature Island.’

Later this week, Open Jaw’s Ottawa correspondent Peter Johansen will attend the Ottawa event and provide a full report on key destination developments for this winter.

For Drolet, it’s a ‘farewell for now’ tour as a recent shake-up at the CTO has resulted in the closing of international offices in London and New York, and the end of her role here in Canada effective 31DEC.

ACTA Director of Membership Doreen Lynch was on hand to discuss issues with
Peterborough-area travel advisors.

Belize Senior Travel Trade Officer Deborah Gilharry-Arana was on hand to
promote the small Central American destination that packs a big punch for
tourism appeal.


Hanya Vujcuf - November 6, 2019 @ 12:29
Is CTA office in Toronto ? How do I join ?

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