G Adventures’ Planeterra Foundation Celebrates Successful Social Projects

Planeterra Foundation & G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip

On the heels of a successful campaign to launch 50 social projects in five years, the Planeterra Foundation – G Adventures' philanthropic arm -- invited special guests, donors, travel partners, and media to celebrate at Toronto's Livelihood Café.

With Planeterra now in its 16th year, president Jamie Sweeting says he's "had the great blessing of working with an amazing team and extraordinary project partners over the years to make this campaign a successful one."

Asked about the impact travellers have on the success of the foundation, he said: "Travellers are choosing to come on a G Adventures trip to experience something unique and different. It ends up being a win-win-win; it's a win for the community, a win for travellers and a win for the travel company."

Planeterra reached its goal of 50 projects a year and a half early. Last year alone, the projects benefitted 60,000 local people in communities G travellers visit. The next goal is to launch 25 more projects by the end of 2020.

"We believe in empowering local communities to make money for themselves and they can choose where they want to reinvest it," says Sweeting. "It's a model that we hope we can spread to different parts of the world."

Planeterra Foundation and G Adventures Founder Bruce Poon Tip recounted the early years of the organization and how his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making 'travel as a force for good' led him to start his own not-for-profit.

As a market leader in the social enterprise space, Poon Tip says the Project 100 goal, launched in May 2018, is already exceeding expectations, with 85 projects completed and 14 months still to go.

One of the ways to donate to Planeterra is on 3DEC also known as Giving Tuesday. Donations made on that day will support a community of 2,000 people in D'karm, Botswana, who subsist on about 30 cents US per day. Donations made that day will be matched by Deloitte private and help the San people of D'karm create jobs and sustainable businesses.

The Livelihood café is a non-profit cafe in Kensington Market where 66% of staff are refugees and newcomers to Canada.

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