Trafalgar's Toronto Team Equips Family In Need With Holiday Essentials

The Trafalgar Canada team prepping Christmas essentials
alongside Holiday Helpers in Toronto

Since 2008, Trafalgar has been offering team members two paid volunteer days annually to support causes close to their hearts.

Last week, in celebration of International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2019 on 5DEC, Trafalgar team members across the globe contributed some of their paid volunteer time to take part in meaningful initiatives including beach clean-ups, gift wrapping, dog walking, and food drives across the world.

The Toronto team's IVD initiative was to sponsor a family in need and to equip it with all the Christmas essentials through Holiday Helpers Canada, a charity whose mission is to provide a customized Christmas package to 750+ families who are living in low-income situations.

Each sponsored family receives an artificial tree, decorations, a gift card for a warm meal and presents from their personalized wish list.

Not limited to IVD, the company’s JoinTrafalgar sustainability initiatives support a number of causes throughout the year. In total, Trafalgar employees have contributed 24,000 paid volunteer hours across the course of the year.

“Our goal is to Make Travel Matter so social responsibility and giving back to people, places and wildlife and the planet is part of our every day,” said Trafalgar’s CEO Gavin Tollman.

“Allowing our teams to pursue their own passions through these volunteer days is crucial to this and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to give back. By providing these paid days throughout the year, we are making it easy for our team to support their own causes, as individuals and as a group at a time that suits them."

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