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New Air Transat Campaign Encourage CDNs To Take A Vacation

With the goal of encouraging Canadians to take a break, Air Transat has launched its "Vacation Intervention" campaign and promo, which offers savings of up to $1,000 per couple on South packages.

Every year, millions of vacation days are left unused in Canada, says TS in a news release. Research conducted at the Angus Reid Forum shows that among those who have vacation days, 47% of Ontarians and 27% of Quebecers do not take all of them.

“Air Transat is the vacation champion, reminding everyone that vacations should be a right, not a privilege,” said Genevieve LeBrun, Vice-President of Marketing at Air Transat. “Our new campaign is playful and fun, but it has a serious message at heart: Everybody deserves a vacation.”

The campaign includes a series of reporter-on-the street videos in both English and French starring comedians Abdul Butt (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and Pascal Cameron as they put non-vacationing Canadians on the spot.

"Where do you go on vacation?," Abdul Butt asks a man in the opening scene of the video, to which he responds, "Well, nowhere, because I have too much work to do."

Counting it a pretty lame excuse, Butt responds with: "That's the perfect reason to take a vacation!"

Unable to rebut such logic, the man shrugs and a sign saying "Vacation Intervention" appears on-screen pointing at him.

For more cheeky interviews, click here to view the video in English and here to view it in French

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