Pink Shirt Day: Swoop To Donate Up To $20,000 To Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Today is Pink Shirt Day, an annual observance to increase awareness about anti-bullying and raise funds to support programs that foster children’s self-esteem.

To support this important message, Swoop has launched #LiftEachOtherUp -- a social media campaign that will donate up to $20,000 for anti-bullying initiatives across Canada.

Today, FlySwoop's Pink Shirt Day posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will encourage viewers to like, comment, share and retweet. For every cumulative engagement on the posts, Swoop will donate $1 to anti-bullying initiatives, up to $20,000. Canadians are asked to share these posts using the #LiftEachOtherUp hashtag.

"We are thrilled to be the official social media sponsor of Pink Shirt Day, helping to create positive spaces where people can say 'no' to bullying behaviour and say 'yes' to encouraging and supporting each other," says Steven Greenway, President, Swoop.

"Pink Shirt Day is a powerful day to highlight the importance of compassion and how kind words and small actions can have meaningful impacts in our communities."

To show their support, all Swoop employees will also wear custom pink shirts to go along with their already pink uniforms to show their support for this initiative.

Swoop's airport partners at the YQM, YYT, YYG, YXU, YHM and YXX are participating in the event, as well.

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