Celebrating The Life Of Patrick Luciani: TravelOnly Advisors Share Memories

TravelOnly founder and Chairman Patrick Luciani passed away Sunday night.  

Luciani started the company in 1974 under the name Luciani World Travel, which was renamed TravelOnly in 2000 when it re-launched under the home-based travel agency model.

In celebration of his life, Open Jaw reached out to TravelOnly advisors who shared fond memories of his leadership and friendship. 

"Patrick Luciani was a very special man - a visionary, a leader in the industry, and a man with great faith who always put his family first including his TravelOnly family," shared Robert Rizzo and Barbara Scrocco

"My fondest memory I have of Patrick is how he made you feel every time you would see him. His love overflowed through his beautiful words.  Whether we were at an industry event or a social gathering, Patrick would always greet me with "Ciao bella, how are you, how is the family?  The greeting ended with the warmest hug. This personified the person he was  - a genuine, gentle, caring individual who made you feel part of his family.

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Patrick for many years and we are eternally grateful for all the wonderful memories. Our hearts are full knowing that he lived an exemplary life filled with love - love for life, love for his work and most importantly love for his family. His passion for the business was second to none. Thank you Patrick for touching our lives in countless ways. You will be forever missed!"

Jodi Rosengren shared the following: "When you are speaking to someone who loves what they do, they become animated as the original topic quickly leads into the next. When they know you share their interest, their excitement in being able to impart wisdom, advice and encouragement becomes elevated and inspirational. This is how Patrick Luciani inspired everyone he spoke with. Not just to be better Travel Professionals but better people. 

“Every conversation lead to his authentic belief that your achievement of goals, that your success, was well within reach and that he believed in your ability to reach them. His support was unconditional. His expressive face revealed a life spent smiling and laughing and without fail, at some point during a conversation, his eyes would twinkle with the mention of his much loved family. 

“The depth of his loss is immeasurable, for his family, those he mentored and for the many in the Travel community who loved him. His genuine kindness changed lives and gave so many an opportunity to pursue dreams. His absence will be mourned and his life will be celebrated knowing that while our journey starts here, it has not ended."

Steve Carey said: "I was saddened to hear of Patrick Luciani's passing. Such a shock.

"I remember meeting Patrick for the first time at Cruise 360 in Vancouver 2013. I had just started out in the travel world and he warmly welcomed me into his family, the TravelOnly Family. Family and travel were so important to him!"

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