G Adventures Launches Three New Funds To Support Communities

G Adventures has launched three separate funds to support its CEOs (chief experience officers, or tour guides), Inca Trail porters, cooks and horsemen, and local community projects that typically rely on tourism to survive and flourish.

The new CEO Wellbeing Fund enables travellers to express their gratitude by contributing to the people who have played a meaningful role in their trips. G Adventures says it has always helped its CEOs on an ad-hoc basis, but the current landscape has prompted the company to create a more permanent, long-term fund, which will be managed by G Adventures’ non-profit partner, Planeterra.

The Porters Support Fund is specifically for the Inca Trail porters, cooks and horsemen who have been unable to work due to Covid-19. Many of these workers live in remote villages that are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of tourism. This fund gives past travellers who have hiked the Inca Trail, Lares Trek, Salkantay Trail or Choquequirao Trek the opportunity to give back.

The Planeterra Impact Fund has been created to help people at existing Planeterra projects (85 projects in more than 50 countries) which rely on travellers visiting to earn an income.

Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures, is matching the first $50K of donations to both the CEO Wellbeing and Planeterra Impact Funds. All donations will go directly to the people impacted. 

"I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of letters asking me how to help. This is what makes our community of travellers different - we transcend travel when our collective humanity extends support during difficult times," Poon Tip says. 

"These funds all have been launched to answer requests to help people in need. It is one of the most heartwarming movements I’ve witnessed in my 30 years of building G Adventures as a leader in social enterprise and community tourism."

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