A Private Delivery Of Hand-Milled Viennese Soap Bars

A surprise visit from Armando Mendonca, president of AMPM which represents the Vienna Tourist Board in Canada, brought a much sought-after gift to Open Jaw – Weiner Seife soap from Vienna.

This isn’t just any soap. It comes from the very destination where the whole theory of hand hygiene took root. And no, it wasn't meant for Ivanna Gabbalot's foul mouth -- it was to celebrate Vienna’s legacy in championing handwashing.

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, a transplant from Hungary who relocated to Vienna, revolutionized medical history (and everyday life) with his hygiene theory in 1847, the Vienna Tourist Board explains.

While working in the maternity ward at the Vienna General Hospital, Semmelweis noticed that far fewer mothers succumbed to childbed fever in the ward operated by midwives compared to the one operated by doctors. He launched a series of experiments and realized there were links between the lack of handwashing among doctors and the mortality rate of the mothers.

That is why Semmelweis is still called "the saviour of mothers" today, explains the Vienna Tourist Board.

Wiener Seife's coconut oil-based soaps are all stirred by hand, made with natural plant extracts and contain no chemical additives, mineral oils or preservatives.

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