TTAND Fitness Challenge Raises $15K For Pencils For Kids

Agents crossing the finish line after a dip in the lake.

The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) agents and employees completed an eight-week FIT TRIP fitness challenge campaign to raise funds for Pencils for Kids.

The trip's goal was to encourage agents to get moving for a good cause. There were over 350 TTAND agents doing up to 50 different activities and over 14,280 entries were made recording 877,895 minutes of exercise by all agents combined.

“During these very tough times in the industry, it is easy to get stuck at home so we wanted to come up with a fun and easy way to get moving again,” said TTAND founder Flemming Friisdahl.

“We launched FIT TRIP, an eight-week campaign that was managed by Special Projects Manager, Elish Tait and included weekly challenges and fun programs.”

TTAND used a trip as an incentive to encourage agents to work on their fitness. For every 20 minutes of exercise an agent completed, they would receive one entry to win a trip. Agents would also receive one entry for every $10 donation to Pencils For Kids.

Overall, the agents donated $12,633, with TTAND donating $3,000 to make a grand total $15,633.

“We partnered with our suppliers Air Canada Vacations, AMA Waterways, Globus Vacations, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Star Clipper and Tourcan Vacation,” said Friisdahl. “All these generous partners donated amazing prizes to help make the challenge even more special for the agents.”

Agents crossing the finish line 

“I would never have imagined that during these trying times, we would even see a dollar coming our way, especially from an industry which has been one of the worst hit from COVID-19,” said Robin Mednick of Pencils for Kids. 

"What will be the most memorable thing for me from this pandemic and that has stood out for me more than anything else, is the generosity of The Travel Agent Next Door agents. When you look at people like you, who are thinking of others in this time of need, it really puts my faith back into humanity. A huge thank you to each and every one of you."

Helena Millar, TTAND agent

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