From Sunscreen To Scrubs: QC Travel Advisor Finds Work In COVID Clinic After Pandemic Closes Her Biz

Hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Quebec-based travel advisor Sylvie Potvin has exchanged a travel agency for a coronavirus screening centre after the pandemic forced her to close her business, Osez Voyager!, reports French-language publication, TVANouvelles.

“I didn't feel like continuing to sell something that didn't look like what I have offered for the past 10 years,” she says.

Potvin, who worked as a dental hygienist before she transitioned to travel some 20 years ago, says she applied to Quebec Premier Francois Legault's "Je Contribue" campaign, set up by the government to recruit qualified personnel wishing to lend a hand with the COVID-19 crisis.

“I want us to get through it and I want to get our hands dirty in there. To be part of these teams now. I feel a great pride, ”she says.

Despite the challenges she is currently facing and the long, unfamiliar road ahead, she sees a silver lining in her situation.

"I'm no longer a globetrotter travelling every two or three weeks, so I'm spending more time with my daughter. Life has given me this gift," Potvin says. 

Offering some advice for advisors who might be facing similar challenges, she says, "First you have to accept this sadness and anger but then, ask what am I left with and what do I do now?"

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