Advisors Create Interactive Game That Inspires Travel Memories

Imagine that you've been travelling for a glorious year and now you want to go home, but you realize your pockets are empty! You need to earn enough money to buy a plane ticket home. Pick a card! 

That's the premise of Trips to Tales, a travel-themed game launched by Rhonda Dashevsky and Kathryn Comeau-Wong, a fun-loving duo of travel advisors at British Columbia-based agency, Personal Travel Management. 

"After bringing clients home and the insanity that ensued in March and April, everyone was feeling really negative. We wanted to find a way to keep our clients inspired about how much good travel does for people," Dashevsky told Open Jaw. 

After several discarded concepts (from scavenger hunts to trivia games), Trips to Tales was their winning idea. It's an interactive game that reminds people of the joys of travel while the pandemic continues to keep many of us grounded. 

"People love to talk about their travels and remember them. We wanted to keep that positivity going in a really negative space, and inspire people's memories and their desires for future travels," Dashevsky said. 

Trips to Tales has 250 cards, each worth a certain dollar amount that go towards a player's pot for a flight ticket home. The game is designed for two to six players and has a runtime of 60 to 120 minutes. 

Players pick up a card and answering a travel-related question like “What was your best experience in a hotel on your travels?” and “Would you rather visit the pyramids in Egypt or the Treasury in Petra?” There are also questions that might provoke chortles as players look back on their most embarrassing travel disasters and imagine comical worst-case scenarios, with cards asking, "What was your worst washroom experience on your travels?" and "Who would you call to bail you out of a foreign jail?" 

Some of the cards demand a little more work, requiring players to perform various 'challenges'. In one instance, players must stand on one leg like a flamingo with their eyes closed, and whoever is the last one standing gets the card. Another card asks the player to name three famous bands from the United Kingdom – and awards bonus dollars if they can sing 30 seconds of a song by one of the bands. 

Beyond the laughs the game elicits as players recount hilarious travel memories or inglorious mishaps, Trips to Tales is all about keeping people positive about travel, said Dashevsky, and thinks the game can be a great touchpoint between advisors and their clients.  

"As travel advisors, Kathryn and I like to keep in touch with our clients and often send cards or a bottle of wine if they booked a trip. This, we feel, is a great gift for agents to give to their clients, and have their clients remembering their travels and their agent when they see or play it. And it's not like a bottle of wine that you drink and you're done," Dashevsky says. 

Trips to Tales costs $30 and can be purchased online. There's also an exclusive deal for travel advisors: they can receive a discount of 10 per cent if they purchase two or more games (use the code TA2021).

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