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WestJet Prepares To Launch Its 737 MAX Aircraft Back Into Skies

WestJet has launched a video highlighting the preparation and care that has gone into ensuring that WestJets  737 MAX aircraft is ready to return to service.

"WestJet has always valued and will continue to value safety above all. We will never put safety in the back seat." noted John Romane, Director of Line Maintenance.

The 737 MAX has been in an active storage program where critical operating systems and engines are checked on a weekly basis. WestJet has also been working with Boeing and Transport Canada to oversee the implementation of any additional modifications on the aircraft.

"Our pilots are some of the most well-trained and experienced 737 operators worldwide. We have designed a new MAX specific training program that exceeds mandatory requirements. Once all the updates are complete, our 737 pilots will be required to complete special simulation training before getting back on the flight deck as well as extension briefing, computer modules, and evaluations." said Jimmy-Dean Porter, Chief Pilot, Boeing 737.

"I have no hesitancy on putting my family on board with any of our WestJet Pilots. It simply doesn't make sense to put our guests, our crew, or our aircraft at risk from any perspective."

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