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by Vanessa Lee

I would like to reference a column I wrote published here on December 16th. I have had many people tell me how much they enjoyed that column (or had heard about it from others) and they want to read more about the topic and buy the books. The gist of my piece was that we are all overworked and are living in a 24/7 society where the expectation is often that we will be on our e-mail on the weekend and spend a lot of what used to be “after-hours” actually working on business items.

I am one of those people who tends to do just that and my New Year resolution was, in fact, to stop this - or at least mitigate my tendencies! The article I referenced in that column was written by Adriana Barton for the Globe and Mail on December 15th titled “The 70 Per Cent Solution”. It really resonated with me (and clearly with many of you) and the essence was that we should all endeavour to give about 70% MOST of the time rather than trying to give too much, thereby causing ourselves equivalent levels of stress and anxiety.

Jann Arden celebrates being chosen
Tranquility II’s Godmother with
Globus family of brands staff in Toronto.

So 3+ weeks into the new year I am learning to say, “NO” - it’s about time don’t you think?

I am learning to work on my priorities in a better way and I am not burning the candle at both ends. I actually take some time on the weekends to get out and enjoy myself rather than being attached to my laptop. And, even though I am writing this article after 7p.m., I find I am mostly adhering to my own new rules. I truly believe I am in the middle of my own 70% solution. I hope you may be too.

Now, back to cruise and what I presently find noteworthy in that world. I am anticipating my 1st river cruise of 2015 on Avalon Waterways’ new vessel, the Avalon Tranquility II to be christened in Strasbourg on April 2nd by the fabulous and highly talented Jann Arden. A wonderful choice for a Canadian Godmother and, as I have wangled myself a stateroom, I will be sailing on the 128 guest ship and hopefully some of you will be there as well.

Norwegian Escape

Avalon has designated this event just for Canadians so rest assured it will be one great experience. Avalon is near and dear to my heart and I will be keen to see any new changes they may have introduced recently. They already have one of the best-designed staterooms on any ship (not just river) as well as beautiful and spacious bathrooms. A clever design with the bed facing the large floor to ceiling window that can open to the outside.

And here are a few other Lines I am paying attention to:

  • the Norwegian ship Escape coming this Fall is a new class of vessel and is trending well. Norwegian is being very creative in the roll-out of all her terrific onboard features – including the 1st Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville – it’s 5’o clock somewhere isn’t it? - at sea. Norwegian is truly an innovative brand and has “come a long way baby” over the past few years. Check out all the other great amenities and attributes coming with this ship – particularly the stunning Haven accommodations for your high end guests – they’re beautiful.
  • Seven Seas Explorer

  • Regent Seven Seas is also doing a very good job of providing information on its new luxury ship the Seven Seas Explorer, “most luxurious ship ever built” as they say in all the PR. Bookings just opened for past guests and have proven to be absolutely fantastic – setting company records. This is what I want to see – it’s good news for everyone when there’s so much interest in a new vessel. Regent needs a new ship and the interest shown by its loyal guests proves the point.

  • I am sure the same will occur with Holland America and its Koningsdam as well as Seabourn and its new ships – once they go up for sale.

Holland America Line’s Koningsdam

Make sure you prepare your cruise clients for all the new ships on the way and their numerous and spectacular features. Cruise lines have assets available to you to send info and material out to prospects – use them and you will reap the proverbial rewards. And, guests will book well in advance to get the suites or rooms they want – which means a locked in booking and money in the bank!

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