The Joyful Bliss Of Sea Days

by Ming Tappin

One of my favourite places to hang out during a sea day - the ship's aft overlooking the wake.

A balcony afternoon tea at sea is so civilized!

Another favourite pastime - hot tubbing with the hubby.

A brisk walk around the promenade while breathing in the salt air is invigorating.

Watching the spectacular sunset is always the perfect way to end my sea day.

Here is an interesting test to perform with your friends or clients. Show a transatlantic cruise itinerary to newbie and veteran cruisers, the newbies will all cry "too many sea days!" while the veterans will not bat an eye.

Show the same group a 2 wk. Hawaii cruise with 10 sea days; newbies will wonder if they could survive being "stuck" at sea all that time, while the veterans will say "bring it on!".

Isn't it funny how sea days are perceived depending on one's cruise history?

In a previous article I wrote about how people's habits and preferences change as they become more experienced cruisers. This is one of those examples.

New cruisers tend to favour port days. They want to discover destinations and see as many places as possible.

To newbies, sea days may also suggest boredom as many think that when the ship is cruising, there is nothing going on except to wait for the next port of call. Then there is the fear of feeling captive onboard during sea days, being subjected to a rigid schedule and forced participation in activities.

But in time, as they become frequent cruisers, they will learn from their experience, rid of the misconceptions, and embrace sea days. Just ask the veteran cruisers what they enjoy most from their itinerary every time they cruise. I'm willing to bet that sea days will make it high on their list.

Sea days offer a reprieve from busy port days. There is no need to wake up early to go on tour. There is no schedule to follow, and there is a opportunity to do all the things you don't have time to do when you are at home. Ordering room service, relaxing on your balcony, working out at the gym, taking a nap - insert your own favourite pastime or guilty pleasure! Mine are soaking in the hot tub and watching the sunsets.

When I choose my own cruise vacation, I always pay attention to the number of sea days in the itinerary. My favourites are ones that have sea days in between port days, or multiple sea days in a row.

Some people even wish for a week-long (or longer) cruise to nowhere, with just sea days and no ports. If a cruise line comes up with such a sailing, I think they will get a lot of veteran cruisers in line, myself included!

So let's look forward to converting more newbies to veterans, and you will be selling more extended voyages and even aim for that world cruise. Imagine 30+ sea days out of 100!

And the next time your newbie clients return from their cruise saying they were so exhausted they need a vacation to recuperate, just smile and suggest next time, perhaps they should try a cruise with more sea days.

Ming Tappin is a cruise veteran with 20 years' experience in the industry and has sailed on 36 cruises and counting. Based in Vancouver, Ming is passionate about cruising and has just launched her new business - Your Cruise Coach Consulting. Ming can be reached at Visit

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