Cruising Without Kids On Disney

by Ming Tappin

In addition to the quiet places on deck, your balcony is another perfect retreat.

Foodies rejoice! Disney serves up in my opinion, some of the best food I have had on ships.

How can you resist the charm of your favourite Disney friends?

No matter your age, Disney will bring out the kid in you.

When my husband and I booked ourselves on a Disney cruise, my friends all asked why we would choose Disney since we don't have any children. Were we not worried about being bombarded with a gazillion kids onboard? Would there be enough adult activities to occupy us?

As a devout cruiser, it is always my goal to try different cruise lines. Choosing Disney was a no-brainer, but I was most curious and admittedly a little concerned about the kids situation.

We were on a 14 night transatlantic sailing in mid September. Even though this was a longer cruise during the school year, there were more than 100 children onboard.

First of all, never did we see children running amok or overtaking any public space - which is probably what most people conjure up when they think of a Disney cruise.

Part of this has to do with how Disney has perfected their children's programs and dedicated spaces. Granted, children are around the ship but we never felt overwhelmed.

There were plenty of places where we found peace and quiet. Our balcony was a haven to retreat to during the numerous days at sea or after a busy day in port.

Although the adults-only Quiet Cove pool/lounge area was touted as a big plus, it was crowded the few times we wandered by. No bother, as we often found quiet areas elsewhere on the ship to lounge.

There were plenty of entertainment and activity options that kept adults occupied. The standard trivia, karaoke, lectures, wine tastings and more took place every day. The only missing mainstay onboard is a casino, which did not affect us, but it's good to mention to clients.

One thing is for certain, Disney draws out the kid in everyone. My husband was a little hesitant to pose with Pluto for a photo on embarkation day, but by mid cruise he was leading the way chasing down Chip and Dale on the promenade.

Our 40-something table mates who are also childless, cruise with Disney at least once or twice a year. Although they enjoy the adults-only facilities, they have an equally enjoyable time in all public areas of the ship.

We met a middle-aged man who often sails on Disney by himself - the opportunities to people watch, and the variety of entertainment and activities is what brings him back time after time.  

People watching was indeed a terrific pastime. Every evening there would be a parade of little girls dressed in full princess regalia. And the creative costumes we saw on Pirates night rivaled those from the Hollywood movie set. Disney guests are SERIOUS fans!

Overall I would say that a Disney cruise is absolutely fine for adults. There is certainly plenty to do and I felt the food and entertainment is actually better than your typical mass market brand.

The itinerary and length of cruise will dictate the number of families you will encounter onboard. A repositioning cruise during the school year will have less kids than a short cruise over statuary or school holidays.

Just remember - you will become a kid yourself once you come face to face with Goofy and all his magical pals onboard!

Ming Tappin is a cruise veteran with 20 years’ experience in the industry and has sailed on 36 cruises and counting. Based in Vancouver,

Ming is passionate about cruising and is the Owner of Your Cruise Coach Consulting

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