Value Will Steer The Cruise Industry In 2017

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The cruise industry is making a concerted move away from commoditization, emphasizing the features that make each ship and line distinct, and steering the conversation away from price towards value.


Clients are “floundering in a sea of choices,” says a Travel Age West article, and that’s good news for savvy agents who can help them make sense of it all. 


Scott Koepf, senior vice president of sales for Avoya Travel, told the publication that the industry is moving further away from commoditization, which is good news for agents.


“A major change is the dramatic move toward added value rather than price,” he said. “The downside is that with value, it is difficult to get the message across quickly. Everyone understands 25% off, but explaining value and choices is much more complex, and there is the problem of consumer attention loss.”


The customer knows everything about price and nothing about value, Koepf says. They do research in spaces – an average of 40 hours – and often come in well-educated but confused by too many choices.


You can read the rest of the Travel Age West article to find out more about cruise trends in 2017, including some innovative land/sea combinations and the best of the new ships that will take to the water.

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